Tammie's Story: No More Tired, Aching Legs

For years I was plagued with tired, aching legs. I inherited varicose veins. My maternal Grandpa had varicose veins, as did my mom and sisters. I remember my mom's legs being so bad that she had to wear compression hose year-round... even in the sweltering summers with NO air conditioning in the house! Kids would ask about the "ruffles" on her legs. Her veins were in such bad shape that they looked like ruffles. She was miserable. Years ago she had her veins stripped. That was the current procedure for that day and age. She was miserable after the painful procedure.

Knowing I never wanted my legs to get as bad as my mom's, yet too scared to go through the same procedures she went through, I put up with the day-to-day pain. I recall getting exhausted after being on my feet for an hour or two when I was out with friends or family. I hated being the one to say, "Are you ready to go home yet?" My legs were just too tired to endure too much time on my feet.

Several years ago a friend of mine was also going through the same vein issues. She told me about the treatments she was receiving, which seemed doable. You get treatments with basically no downtime! I looked into getting treatments for myself. I was scheduled for an ultrasound and approved through insurance for the procedures. I had both legs treated with VenaCure for the larger veins and Sclerotherapy to treat the smaller veins and spider veins.

I'm happy to report that years later I'm still able to keep up with my friends and family and not have aching legs after an outing. I encouraged my sister to get her legs treated as well, and will continue to encourage anyone who is dealing with tired, aching legs to look into getting these procedures done. It's a life changer!

Anyone up for a long walk?! I am!

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