Milton's Story: Treating Vein Disease to Restore Confidence

I have had vein disease most of my adult life. I got tired of the aches and pains, swelling, pressure, heaviness, and being self-conscious about my unsightly veins. It was really affecting my quality of health and life. That is when I found Dr. Prasad and the Laser & Vein center.

I scheduled my first consultation with Dr. Prasad and he talked me through every step of how he would treat my disease and eliminate my symptoms. I was excited and could not wait to start. The treatments were outpatient treatments at their spa-like clinic in Jefferson City, and were virtually painless.

Immediately following my first VenaCure I started to feel improvement and relief. I looked forward to each and every session and more success and improvement in my quality of health.

Today I feel good, I look good, and I am no longer self-conscious about wearing shorts and swimsuits. I am so happy with my success with Dr. Prasad. My wife, also a patient of Dr. Prasad, and I both feel great and enjoy walking, traveling, and being with our loved ones and friends without the stigma of vein disease.

I know many adults suffer from vein disease and it keeps getting worse as they grow older. I can assure you there is help for treating and eliminating it. Schedule your own visit with Dr. Prasad and get started!

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