Carol's Story: Healthy Legs Let Me Do the Things I Love

My first experience with the Laser & Vein center occurred from my own curiosity. I was down the street at another appointment when I noticed the new facility and decided to stop by. Dr. Prasad was my surgeon for my breast cancer procedure 15 years prior and I was excited to learn he was the doctor at the Laser & Vein center.

I inherited vein disease and passed it down to my two daughters, so we started the treatment process by having the ultrasound and then the procedures. All went successfully well.

As a teen, I struggled with acne, which affected my complexion later in life and left me with scarring. I met with the sweet, beautiful Brandi. She made my many trips for microderms and chemical peels so very pleasant and fun! Now I can go with little or no makeup, which is such a joy!

I taught elementary school for 25 years and am now a Master Gardener. Working outside caused my legs to feel tired and heavy as the day went by. I have a large area of fruits, vegetables, and beautiful flowers. I’m happy to say my treatment at the Laser & Vein center allows me to do what I dearly love doing, along with having better looking legs at the young age of 74!

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