Embrace Your Beauty

I get asked this question all the time. My best answer is don’t wait to see the doctor until you’re sick. It’s better to prevent problems than to be forced to recover from them. There are so many preventative health options now, but many people still refuse to embrace them. Preventative health is one of our core philosophies at Genesis.

Vein disease is no different. It has nothing to do with cosmetics, but there is a visual advantage for early treatment. I joke that you can diagnose vein disease by who is wearing jeans at the barbeque in July. Who wears jeans in July in Missouri? This is a bonus for early treatment but not the only one. Vein disease can actually cause you harm if left untreated.

The biggest risk to a younger patient is the increased risk of blood clots. When you have more blood pooling in your legs, it will tend to clot when you are not moving, like during travel or illness. As you age, the legs will become damaged, which increases the chance of infection or sores on your legs. These risks can be reduced if you get treatment while you are young. Also, symptoms like heaviness, aching, swelling, fatigue, tiredness, pain and itching may start. This may make you less likely to keep up with your exercise routine or other physical activities you enjoy.

So, this year, treat yourself to healthier legs by being proactive. Our minimally invasive treatments will leave no scars and have very little if any downtime. Schedule a consultation to learn about proactive treatment for your vein disease. Winter is a great time to start.

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