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Nobody likes to think about paying that new deductible. There are several reasons why I personally want to meet my deductible early in the year:

  • If I meet it early, I can then take care of everything that needs attention without trying to squeeze in all the appointments in a short time.
  • I’m able to spread the copay and coinsurance amounts over several months instead of paying them all in one month or pay period.
  • If I start a treatment that is going to take several visits or several months, I have plenty of time before the end of the year and can still get everything done in one year without having to pay another deductible next year to finish up.

Near the end of every year I hear over and over “But I’ve met my deductible, can’t you please get me in before the end of the year?”. I personally was in that situation last year, having met my deductible and out of pocket in November. There were several things that needed attention, but I waited too long, and was unable to get everything taken care of last year while my insurance was paying 100% because medical providers have only so many appointments remaining before end of year. I guess I will be paying my deductible again this January to finish up what I started late last year.

At Genesis Laser and Vein, having your consult or visit in January or February will allow you to meet your stocking trial if required by your insurance, submit for authorization, and proceed with treatment that will allow you to finish up before the end of the year. We offer GreenSky Payment Plans that can spread your deductible payments over six to twelve months depending on the amount. It is offered as “same as cash” with no interest if paid within the six to twelve months. This way you can proceed with treatment and pay off the deductible over a longer time period instead of all at once upfront.

Do you have questions about insurance and your vein care? Please give me a call. I like to discuss insurance deductibles, coverage and benefits, and would be glad to help.

Shirley Mosley
Back Office Coordinator