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October is Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month. In recognition of this I thought I would address one of the more frequent questions people will ask when first seeking treatment for venous disease: "Why do I need an ultrasound?" Patients will also comment: "But I only want the little veins treated so that my legs look better." The most important thing we do at Genesis is educate you about vein disease. Addressing these questions is almost always part of that education.

The answer to both questions lies in the fact that the bigger internal veins let blood flow backwards towards your feet and drive it to the surface. Thus, the ugly surface veins have a source inside your legs! In order to properly identify the damaged vessels and determine a treatment plan, an ultrasound must be done. If you don’t identify the source of a problem, you shouldn’t expect it to go away. That is why it is mandatory for all new patients to have an ultrasound so that we can treat you the medically correct way. If we don’t, the veins will all come back, and you will not lower the risks of progressive vein disease.

Insurance companies also require an ultrasound along with symptom documentation to determine if your treatments are eligible for insurance coverage. Without this you will be left paying the full cost of treatment out of pocket.

So come and see us at the Genesis Laser & Vein Center to get your legs healthier and more beautiful the medically correct way and ensure that the insurance company will pick up their part, too!

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