Embrace Your Beauty

We know you have a choice when it comes to your vein care, so why choose us?

First, our experience.
Dr. Prasad has been performing vein procedures his entire career, maintaining board certification in surgery and phlebology. When he first started practicing medicine in 1996, all vein care was performed in operating rooms. As a surgeon, he performed many venous procedures. He then partnered with SSM Health-St. Mary’s to open the Comprehensive Wound Healing Center in 2001, which remains open to this day.

With the knowledge that many ulcers are caused by poor venous circulation and with the new advancements in laser to treat vein disease, Dr. Prasad felt he could provide patients with a better outcome for wound healing and vein disease if he began to offer laser treatments as an option. This led to the opening of the Laser & Vein Center in 2007. Here he provided the most comprehensive and latest treatments for the care of the vein patient. Now all treatments could be treated in the office without general anesthesia and with minimal pain and downtime.

Dr. Prasad continues to remain at the forefront of medical breakthroughs to treat vein disease. Today, Genesis Laser & Vein offers cutting-edge vein care with the addition of Varithena and VenaSeal. These are two of the newest options to treat vein disease, and Genesis Laser & Vein Center is the only practice in Mid-Missouri to offer these treatments to our patients. These two new treatments are non-laser-based, and the advantages include no pain, no anesthesia, and no numbness at the treatment site, and sometimes do not require the patient to wear compression hose!

Second, the patient experience.
At Genesis Laser & Vein Center, we value your time. We strive to keep our appointments on time and see you in a timely fashion. We are a stand-alone clinic, which only treats vein disease. You will not be exposed to other patients who may be sick or have other serious illnesses. When you are at Genesis Laser & Vein Center, you will only be with other patients seeking care of the same disease. This allows you to discuss your disease and experience with people who are going through the same process, if you are so inclined.

Our clinic’s aesthetics and the patient flow are second to none. Here, your time and our knowledge of your disease take center stage. Our main goal is to educate you on vein disease and set appropriate expectations for your treatment process and results. The soothing ambiance and calming sounds allow you to enjoy your visit and have the opportunity to fully understand vein disease through the exceptional education provided by our staff. We feel that education is the key to your success and welcome any and all questions. Further, we feel that once you understand vein disease, you will be your own best advocate to receive the care you want and deserve.

Lastly, our staff.
From the front desk to the office staff and nurses, we have the most educated staff who desire to provide you with the best customer service possible. Here, you are the reason we come to work every day. At Genesis, we have routine continuing education for all aspects of the clinic. If there are issues, we will address them in a prompt, courteous manner. We will never refer you to another phone number or email should you have questions. You will deal directly with the staff you have come to know and can meet with any of our staff from front to back in person to answer any questions you have, from billing and scheduling to client care.

In closing, we know you have a choice. It is our sincere hope that you choose us for your vein treatments. We will value that choice by always aiming to provide the care and service you deserve.