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This month’s View on Veins post is written by Genesis Laser & Vein patient Sunny Carron, age 50.

Along with green eyes and a love of the outdoors, I realized at the age of 24 I had also inherited my dad’s vein disease. This started during my first pregnancy, and I was introduced to maternity compression hose for the first time. It was not love at first sight, but did relieve the aches and pains in my legs. After each pregnancy, the pain from the varicose veins decreased enough to manage. Over the years it progressed and invited friends to the party: spider veins.

I grew very self-conscious of my legs, and if I wore shorts (only around the house), the kids would say, “Oh Mom do your owies hurt?” Yes, they did! I thought about getting treatment, but heard awful stories of how painful the process was and that is was not effective. I resigned to have legs that looked and felt terrible.

When I turned 48, I was very aware that the symptoms had increased and my capabilities of getting through my evenings had decreased. I started realizing how much I had to rest my legs after work before I started another activity. I started doing some of the dinner prep at the kitchen table, so I could sit and rest my legs. I also realized how often I was taking turns propping one leg and leaning on the other while standing to get relief. I have always been an active person by walking, biking, or kayaking, but these activities proved less desirable with the heaviness in my legs. The night bouts of restless legs and charley horses were the finale in my decision to seek treatment and get my life back.

I spoke to my primary care doctor, got an ultrasound and then a referral. I did not have a good feeling with the initial referral, so I waited a month or so. I then decided to look into other options as the symptoms and sleepless nights reminded me it was needed. I called Genesis Laser & Vein and felt so comfortable right away on the phone. As I walked in on my appointment day the office was calm and soothing music was playing. The staff was just as kind and welcoming as they were on the phone. My experience has always been a great one. Then after meeting with Dr. Prasad, I knew I was where I needed to be.

The day of my first procedure I was so scared and could not seem to relax; the nurses were so sweet and chatted with me to help me feel calm. Dr. Prasad came in, said hello and realized I was a nervous wreck. He put his hand on my shoulder and said let’s walk through everything again, until you are ready. After I felt better, he started and we all chatted through the procedure and it was over very quickly. I have loved how the staff and Dr. Prasad never try to hurry the visit, but always answer my questions and help me feel reassured. They are wonderful!

After the first two procedures, my restless legs were no more. Shortly after the restless legs were gone, my charley horses were gone, too. This is a process, but with each week I notice more energy back in my legs. I am not propping my legs up at night to rest before the next task, unless I want to. I am back to feeling capable in completing my days, including the things I love. Would I do this again? YES PLEASE, but sooner, much sooner.

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