Embrace Your Beauty

Dr. Prasad and Barb Prasad celebrate the anniversary of JCMG Laser & Vein Center.October is anniversary month for JCMG Laser and Vein Center. It is hard to believe we have been open for 8 years. Time has flown! I am so grateful to all of our clients for trusting us with their vein and esthetic care needs. It is because of that trust that we are able to continue to do what we love. This has been a wonderful working experience for me and I have enjoyed meeting our clients and working with our dedicated staff.

I thought I would reflect on how being exposed to what we do has changed me personally. I can honestly say my health and well-being would be different if I had not started working here. It all started just like the LVC started, with vein treatments. I have horrible vein disease. It runs in both sides of my family, and having four kids, it was almost a guarantee I would develop this disease. If I did not work here, however, I would have just accepted this as a part of aging and probably waited to seek treatment or not even realized I could be treated.

Lucky for me it didn't happen that way! I did get evaluated, received treatment, and continue to return to keep ahead of this chronic problem. So instead of legs that ache so badly I can hardly stand a two hour car ride without stopping, I am able to travel long distances, even on airlines, with minimal discomfort. Instead of giving up running because of heaviness and pain in my legs, I am able to keep up a weekly run schedule. Instead of coming home with aching, swelling legs after long days of standing, I am able to continue to do the things I need to do without paying for it afterwards. Plus, I have the added bonus of not being thoroughly embarrassed to wear a skirt or shorts. So I am adding to my anniversary celebration list gratitude for better leg health. I am so glad I didn't suffer needlessly with a disease that has such a simple treatment option that was covered by my insurance!

I am proud to work for a company that has done this life-changing service for so many others. So again, thank you for your trust in us. For you procrastinators out there, now is the time to take the jump and start taking care of yourself. Next year you can be celebrating, too. Stay tuned for my next blurb on how our esthetic services have also brought change to my life.

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