Embrace Your Beauty

The holidays are upon us and, like it or not, that usually leads to long days and tired nights. At Genesis, we can help you get through the rough patches! We have so many ways to keep your look and energy up so that you can maximally enjoy the season.

Let’s start with your legs. If you have leg symptoms such as swelling, heaviness, restlessness, no energy, or itching to name a few, you likely have vein disease. To get you through the holidays, you should wear thigh high compression hose. This will make your legs feel better and allow you to power through the long days.

Also, if you are traveling over the holidays, your hose are mandatory as this will reduce the chances of you developing a DVT, deep venous thrombosis, or the dangerous type of blood clot. Hose are important when travel is two or more hours in the car or any length of plane flight. No compression hose? Stop by Genesis and we can measure you for a pair. Sigvaris compression hose come in many stylish options perfect for your holiday outfits.

How about your energy? B12 supplementation can boost your mood and energy to get you through the day. We can give you a B12 for that quick fix. What about an IV for immune support or if you overindulged at the office party? Come and see the variety of IV therapies at the Genesis Wellness division. We can recommend the right one for you. Also, higher vitamin D levels have been shown to boost your immune system and make you less prone to being seriously sick from all those pesky viruses that are floating around. We can give you a shot for the quick boost and then start you on a daily Vitamin D supplement that is properly absorbed.

Lastly, let’s not forget your skin. Winter weather can take its toll on facial skin. A Diamond Glow or Hydrafacial are quick and easy treatments to get your skin glowing for those holiday events. And don’t forget Genesis for one-stop gift card shopping for those on your list. They make great stocking stuffers. Treat yourself and treat a friend, too!

So happy holidays and Merry Christmas! We at Genesis wish you a safe and joyous season and will be here to help you through it!