Embrace Your Beauty

Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. If you had parents like mine this is something you have heard often. Unfortunately, putting off health care is something our staff hears about often. Every year we hear similar stories from our patients at this time of year. They tell us they are going to wait to do their vein care until they have met their deductible. There are many reasons they may choose to make this decision, but I would like to address one of the reasons:

“This is an elective procedure that I can wait to do until I don’t have to pay out of pocket.”

I would like to challenge this line of thought. I had my vein care done over 10 years ago. Why? Call me the guinea pig! Whenever Dr. Prasad is trialing new procedures, I am usually the first name that gets thrown in the hat. I can honestly say I would have never chosen to seek vein care at that time of my life otherwise. I did have visible veins, and parents and grandparents who suffered horribly from vein disease. My legs did ache at the end of the day, I could barely tolerate long car rides, and plane travel was miserable. But these changes happened slowly over time and I just learned to live with them. Thank goodness I was put in the position to do it for someone else because I would have never taken the time to do it for myself. Who knows when I would have started taking care of my legs.

So what did I gain?

  • Legs that felt great
  • A new vigor in my running
  • And yes, they did look better

I also prevented many of my symptoms from getting worse. I am convinced I would not have been able to maintain the level of exercise I have or continue to enjoy the types of traveling I do. I still have vein disease and always will, but with 1 to 2 treatments a year I can keep ahead of it and enjoy my active life.

So what’s your story going to be?

You have a choice! Choose to treat your vein disease. You’re worth it! Life is too short to sit on the sidelines. Join me in doing the best we can to stay active, stay fit and enjoy life. A great resolution to have for 2019!

Happy New Year!

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