Shelby’s Story: Taking Care of Myself and My Skin

My oldest daughter was away at college when she began complaining of breakouts and how nothing she tried seemed to clear up her acne. When she arrived home I was shocked to see how bad it really was and drove her straight to the medspa. We got there just before closing time, and as we began explaining our situation to the receptionist, we met Stephanie. She immediately took my daughter back to a room, treated her with a chemical peel, and set her up with a new skin care regimen. The care factor Stephanie showed my daughter, paired with her knowledge of skin care, brought me back for my own appointment. We tend to always take care of others, putting ourselves last, but I decided to look into taking care of me.

As a single mother of three, I am on a strict budget. I had very little hope that I would be able to afford any of the products and services needed to take care of my skin. Stephanie sat down with me and asked what my thoughts were and what I envisioned financially. Together, we set a plan in motion that fit within my budget. It is still difficult to manage at times, but I know it's a crucial part of taking care of me and maintaining healthy skin. I'm so glad I decided to make an appointment for myself. We all struggle with our outward appearance. Being in my forties and single makes for an even harder struggle. I feel so much better knowing I am taking care of my skin.

This is my beautiful.

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