Sandra's Story: Feeling Beautiful After Rosacea Treatment

Since the 80's, I’ve suffered from rosacea. It started as a quarter-sized spot above my jawline, but eventually it spread. Without makeup, my entire face was red and bumpy, which made me very self-conscious. At times, my makeup wasn’t even effective in covering it.

As I approached the age of 70, I noticed my skin became extremely dry and my fine lines and sun damage were now more visible than ever. That’s when I made the call to the medspa. My esthetician was compassionate towards my concerns and developed a treatment plan to fit my skin care needs and my budget.

Shortly after starting my plan I noticed a drastic change. My skin was no longer dull and dry, the fine lines and sun damage were disappearing, and the little red bumps were gone! Now I can go out with little to no makeup at all, which is a huge boost of confidence.

This is my beautiful.

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