Mindy's Beauty Your Way Experience

The Beauty Your Way Experience went above and beyond my wildest expectations! This has been such an incredible experience! I knew going to Genesis I would get the full, first-class treatment, but I had no idea that I would learn so much about skincare, my skin and how it works, the body’s natural healing process, the chemistry behind it, and the tools and skincare products utilized to enhance the processes. I will be forever grateful to the entire Genesis team for the knowledge they have shared with me.

The VISIA results verified that in just six months I took a year off my skin age! Each area assessed scored better after my treatments. The pore and texture scores changed most dramatically. I have had so much fun getting educated, pampered, and treated to procedures and products. Genesis has repeatedly proven to be a leader in this industry, and I will be forever grateful to the entire team for the knowledge they have shared with me.

Mindy's Journey


Initial Consultation with Dr. Prasad

Mindy started out her journey with a consultation with our physician and an initial plan was set. Our goal was to reverse sun damage from Mindy’s teen years and to slow some of the effects aging had on her skin. Dr. Prasad also set up a VISIA complexion analysis with our Skin Fit Coach and Esthetician, Brandi King.


VISIA Complexion Analysis & Product Plan

We always like to get a good baseline photo to track progress and identify concerns with our VISIA complexion analysis. A full home care recommendation was also given during this analysis. Home care is a key ingredient to the success of any plan and Mindy was set up with a routine customized to her needs. Mindy also started using Latisse to give herself fuller, longer lashes. See below for some of her favorites and product reviews!


Botox Treatment

Mindy’s first treatment was to tackle the motion lines/wrinkles on her forehead, between her brows and around the eye area. Mindy had two Botox treatments during her journey as Botox is a treatment that needs to be repeated approximately every 3 months for best results.

“Can I just say WOW!?! I LOVE my Botox results! Not only did it smooth out my lines, in particular my “thinking” line, but it also just made me look refreshed! I feel like I got two treatments in one – Botox and a faux eyelift! Everyone told me I was going to love it, but I really had no idea just how much!”


VI Peel

Next, we went after Mindy’s pigment issues with a VI peel. This peel is a medical grade treatment, only done in physicians' offices, and gives a very aggressive peel to get rid of pigment quickly. After just 7 days this was Mindy’s review of her peel:

“FRESH face!! I am in LOVE with the results from this treatment; my skin feels like it's “breathing”, and I have had so many compliments on how it is just glowing!"


Microneedling Series with PRP

Microneedling helps generate new collagen and skin tissue to give you smoother, finer, and more toned skin along with reducing the appearance of scars, wrinkles and large pores. PRP (platelet rich plasma) derived from your own blood gives an added boost and elevates results. Mindy was not sure what to expect with treatment as it was a completely new concept. But we made a believer out of her.

Microneedling is best done in a series of three to five treatments, or until you have achieved your desired results. We then recommend a maintenance treatment every 6 months.

“I loved that this procedure improved my skin’s texture with virtually NO downtime. Stephanie’s precision with each procedure was impeccable; I am already looking forward to my next session!”


Cosmetic Fillers

Mindy’s final treatment was cosmetic fillers to her cheekbones and lips. Mindy wanted a very natural look that put back volume she had started to lose over time. We achieved her goal. To maintain her results, we recommend a recheck in 9 months and a touch up on an annual basis.

“I was a little nervous about the fillers, but the excitement outweighed my nerves! I was afraid the filler would be too drastic, but the results were surprisingly subtle! Dr. Prasad explained everything perfectly, and within days I could see the results. I am loving the way it turned out; the filler put back the youthfulness I have lost over the years in my cheekbones and lips.”


Product Regimen & Reviews

What was your skincare routine like before taking this Journey with Genesis?

My prior skincare routine could be described as haphazard at best! I am a self-proclaimed product junkie! I am totally guilty of being “influenced” and swiping up on Instagram, and truthfully, prior to this experience, I couldn’t have told you what was working and what wasn’t working for my skin because I had so many different creams/serums/oils going on at once. The educational piece of this experience has been so beneficial; Brandi has taught me (using terms I will never be able to pronounce! LOL) that my routine does not have to be complicated to be effective, just well designed. Brandi also explained how these products work together and how my prior routine/products may have been offsetting one another.

Mindy's Product Reviews

Facial Cleanser

The facial cleanser will be a staple in my routine from now on. It is so light and gentle, yet my face feels CLEAN afterward!

Avene Thermal Spring Water

The Avene Thermal Spring Water will be another staple in my new routine! I LOVE how it resets your skin after cleansing; it is incredibly refreshing!


The Lumivive was such a luxurious product; I loved getting to try it out! I highly recommend the day and night serums!

Even Up Pigment Perfector

Add this to my new favorite product list, too! I can wear this with nothing else and walk out the door – and BONUS – SPF 50!

Ultra Sheer Moisturizer

The Ultra Sheer Moisturizer is another addition to my new skincare routine! I love the lightweight feel of this moisturizer; it’s just the right amount of moisture!

Total Face Shield Flex

Put the Total Face Shield right up there with the Even Up Pigment Perfector! Both are my new favorite products! I love to add the Total Face Shield on top of the Even Up for a little added coverage and color; together they are the perfect combo!


HA5 is hydration in a bottle! I tried this product during my Genesis journey after I experienced some dryness due to allergies/changing weather and the difference it made was incredible! I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from dry skin/patches, especially due to our lovely Missouri climate.


Retinol is my new friend! I was a little concerned that I would experience redness/dryness with the retinol, but with the right routine/guidance I never did, and it has worked wonders!

360 Post Procedure Kit

The 360 Post Procedure Kit was used after my microneedling and I never knew products could be so soothing with healing properties helping to repair the skin. This was like skincare and first aid all in one!

Colorescience Makeup

I love the Colorescience line of makeup; it is like skincare with color. It is not really makeup in the sense of the word that most people classify makeup.


The Latisse has not only lengthened my lashes but thickened them, too, particularly where I was noticeably losing them in spots before.

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