Kimberly's Story: Finding My Beauty With Good Skin Care

My mother gave me a gift certificate to the medspa for my birthday in November of 2012. That gift certificate sat in my wallet for over a year, not because I didn't want to use it, but because I didn't have time to use it. My husband of nearly 14 years was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer, fought for 16 months like nothing I have ever witnessed, but ultimately passed away in May of 2013, leaving me a 35 year old widow with three young boys to raise myself. I decided late in the summer of 2013 that I would finally use that gift certificate. I had no expectations of anything other than thinking a facial would be relaxing, and my beautiful mother kept insisting it was going to expire.

My appointment was with Brandi King who, much like my mother, is blessed with gorgeous skin and an even better personality. She knew a little about my story because of my mom, but I walked in that day and I will never forget her words: "You have given so much of yourself to your husband and kids so this is going to be all about you. You deserve this." I sat at the table, my face a mess – stress can do wonders on your skin, and listened to her tell me her plans. As any good mother does, I worried about spending money on myself, my face, my skin, etc. I felt so vain, but I knew I needed the confidence that comes with great skin, and because of Brandi's words I knew I deserved it.

Brandi started me with a series of chemical peels. I began using Colorescience makeup and all SkinMedica products, and within a matter of weeks my skin felt amazing. I felt like a completely different person. I felt confident because I wasn't using makeup to hide my skin or its flaws. I was using it to accent them. I had friends ask me what I was doing because my skin looked incredible. I believe my life aged me tremendously, but somehow Brandi worked her magic and removed a lot of those years off my face.

My late husband always made me feel beautiful, and without him I felt sort of lost in this world. Being a mother to three amazing boys makes me feel beautiful, but let's face it, it also ages you. :) I found my beauty back in my confidence, in my flawless skin, and in Brandi's constant words of encouragement. I cannot put a price tag on the value of what the medspa did for me. Women are beautiful because we give so much of ourselves to everyone around us – our husbands, our kids, our friends, our family – and I believe our outer beauty should match our inner beauty. Give that gift to yourself, because there is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman.

This is my beautiful.

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