Katie's Story: My Beautiful, With a Little Help From My Friends

Feeling beautiful is most often a state of mind. When the sun is shining, when a warm breeze brushes against your skin just right, when an “I love you” is whispered – one can’t help but feel beautiful. But, as a woman, I find that sometimes feeling beautiful is achieved with a little help.

I have been a regular client of Stephanie’s at the medspa for quite a while now. In the beginning I simply needed an eyebrow wax. Eventually I tried the sugaring method for the bikini area. I also use several of the SkinMedica and Colorescience products. My favorites include the SkinMedica eye cream and the Colorescience primer and lip serum. After just a week of using the eye cream, I noticed I didn’t look so tired. There were no fine lines or bags under my eyes. Additionally, the Colorescience primer is perfect for my skin. I even use it on days when I don’t feel like wearing makeup. Its light texture leaves my face feeling smooth and looking flawless; plus it has the added benefit of an SPF!

The best feeling is when I’m not the only one who notices these effects. I feel beautiful when friends tell me how great my skin looks, or how perfectly shaped my eyebrows are. I know it’s a credit to the amazing products the medspa carries, but it’s also an acknowledgment of Stephanie's help. As an esthetician and skin care expert, Stephanie is the best of the best. She is one of those unique individuals who never rushes her clients, and takes time to go over any skin care questions or product use. Whenever I decide to purchase a product, she always demonstrates how it should be applied. She is a dedicated professional, so when my thirteen-year-old daughter began to express feelings of self-consciousness over her eyebrow area, I took her to Stephanie.

As crazy as it may seem, I look forward to my monthly waxing appointments. I love the way I feel when I leave, because I truly feel beautiful. Sometimes my greatest enemy is overthinking my decisions. I recall an appointment with Stephanie in which I worried out loud that perhaps I shouldn’t be bothered about aging, skin care or outside appearance. Stephanie’s response is the reason I will NEVER go anywhere else when it comes to skin care. She said: “There is nothing selfish about taking care of yourself. As women, we don’t do that enough. When you look your best, you feel good about yourself. Who doesn’t want to feel good about herself?” This is why, every month, I schedule an appointment with Stephanie: because she helps me feel my best – she helps me feel beautiful.

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