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More Energy

To supplement a healthy lifestyle, we offer customized BioTE Nutraceutical plans. Our high-grade supplements contain only the best quality ingredients. This package of supplements has been paired together to help optimize your health and energy levels and get you feeling younger.

The supplement package includes: ADK 10, Probiotic, and Methyl Factors+
Sale: $90.65 | Regular: $106.65

The $100 BioTE consult fee may be applied: $50 to first pellet, $50 towards nutraceuticals.

ADK 10
Osteocalcin is a protein secreted in bones that assists with remodeling our bones by both reabsorbing older bone and laying down new healthy bone. Vitamin D3, the “sunshine vitamin,” is vital in producing osteocalcin and may improve the absorption of calcium. However, D3 needs help from the vitamin K2, a cofactor that is essential for normal bones and is also known to help with blood circulation. Vitamin A, an antioxidant, supports these two vitamins, as well as the immune system.

Methyl Factors+
Methylation is a critical biochemical process that has a significant impact on our body’s ability to regulate its cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive, and detoxification systems. Unfortunately, the nutrients needed to make sure optimal methylation occurs in the body are extremely difficult to get from a daily diet, mainly due to the abundance of processed foods and lack of soil nutrients. The BioTE Methyl Factors+ formula provides a healthy serving of the nutrients necessary for this imperative bodily process.

One of methylation’s most important roles in the body is keeping our homocysteine levels in check; homocysteine is a common amino acid in our blood. Maintaining a desirable level of homocysteine is one of the leading biomarkers for the maintenance of good cardiovascular health. BioTE supplements can help maintain these levels. Preventing an undesirable homocysteine level is also associated with the maintenance of bone, reproductive, cognitive, and neurological health.

BioTE Multi-Strain Probiotic 20B
Probiotics are living microorganisms, like bacteria and yeast, that reside in our gut and are vital for the body to function properly. However, our contemporary diet and modern medicine have made it very easy for our bodies to lose the most important types of gut bacteria, leaving us to slow down or become sluggish. This is when our hormone therapy supplements may help. BioTE Multi-Strain Probiotic 20B helps support the microbiota bacteria, which are part of the microbiome — or all the bacteria and other organisms that inhabit the gut, plus the genetic material and metabolites associated with these bacteria. The microbiome plays a role in the recycling and metabolizing of our bodies’ hormones, such as thyroid hormones and estrogen. BioTE Multi-Strain Probiotic 20B contains 20 billion active cultures per capsule and supports the digestive tract and immune function of individuals under stress.

Expires: 09/30/20

Friday Flash Sales

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Margaritas & Makeup

Date: Thursday, August 27
Time: 1pm and 5pm

Join us Thursday, August 27 at either 1pm or 5pm for a fun master class with margaritas, chips and salsa, and don't forget the makeup!

During the class, Esthetic Coordinator Brandi King will teach you about all the healthy makeup options Genesis offers. Colorescience makeup is so much more than just makeup. It's not just coverage, but correction and protection too!

At our class, you will receive a customized makeup routine and learn application techniques and fun ways to amp up your makeup look.

Registration is $50 and includes the amazing camouflaging Corrector Palette (a value of $54) as a FREE gift for attending. Plus, get special pricing on all additional Colorescience purchases that day. Call 573-761-2601 to reserve your spot.

Reversing Summer Damage Peel Party

Date: Thursday, September 10
Time: appointments available at 8:30 /10:00 / 11:30 / 2:00 / 3:30
Cost: $160 (you will receive a SkinMedica Vitalize Peel at the party)

Reverse summer damage with chemical peels!

During our event, you will learn about the benefits of routine chemical peels and the importance of sticking to a good home care regimen with Esthetic Coordinator Brandi King. You will then experience a Vitalize peel with Ariel, Stephanie or Kim.

After your peel, you will have the option to purchase a Repair & Restore package and receive your peel for FREE. Limited appointments available! Call 573-761-2601 to reserve your spot.

Key Benefits of Vitalize Peel
Address the visible skin imperfections that result from skin aging and sun exposure, such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, texture, and brown spots. Peels can also help with acne and pigment changes from blemishing.

Noticeable results after just one peel, compelling results after three to six peels.

More Confidence

CoolSculpting body contouring treatments use cryolipolysis, or fat freezing, to target stubborn areas of fat without surgery. The device freezes and kills fat cells without harming neighboring skin, nerves, vessels or muscles. Each treatment usually takes less than an hour, and there’s no downtime.

Get $500 off 6 or more treatment cycles + a FREE Lumivive ($265 value).

Purchase a TempSure Body Treatment and receive a FREE Glytone Slim Design Smoothing System ($78 value) + a month of unlimited infrared sauna sessions ($99 value).

TempSure Firm is a noninvasive radiofrequency treatment that improves the appearance of cellulite. The device uses radiofrequency waves to deliver heat deep into your skin, triggering collagen production that results in more firmness. It’s safe for all skin tones, and there’s no downtime.

Expires: 09/30/20

More Wellness

Infrared Sauna
Surround your body with soothing infrared therapy that penetrates the body at the cellular level. Sunlighten’s 3-in-1 infrared is the active ingredient that purifies the body, boosts energy, and shrinks belly fat. Modalities are designed for detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, weight loss, lower blood pressure, and skin purification. Learn more about infrared sauna.

$5 session for anyone who has never tried our infrared saunas ($35 value).
Added to a treatment - $20
Monthly limited (1 session per week) - $59
Additional session - $17
Monthly unlimited - $99

Vaginal Rejuvenation
Vaginal rejuvenation includes procedures done to tighten the vaginal canal and opening and to increase lubrication. They’re usually done to correct issues caused by pregnancy, aging, and even cancer treatment. In addition to improving sexual satisfaction, vaginal rejuvenation can reduce or eliminate urinary stress incontinence, a very common concern for women.

Genesis has two treatment options that use energy from lasers or radiofrequency to heat vaginal tissue and boost blood flow and collagen production. Over time, this makes the tissue thicker, smoother, and more elastic. Downtime is usually minimal with these procedures, which address vaginal laxity, dryness, and urinary continence.

Buy 2 vaginal rejuvenation treatments, get 1 half off + a FREE maintenance treatment.

Expires: 09/30/20

Get the Home Care Advantage

Get 25% off your purchase of SkinMedica home care products when you buy them on the day of your skin care service.