VersaSpa Tanning

At Genesis Medspa, we are passionate about healthy skin. Part of our mission is educating our clients about the importance of sun protection. We do, however, understand that a bronzy glow is something many people are not willing to give up. So we searched long and hard to find a good option for our bronze-loving clients and found the VersaSpa Sunless Tanning System. VersaSpa is designed to give your skin a vibrant, long-lasting glow in just minutes. No more streaky, orange fake tans! Your tanning session will leave your skin bronzed and hydrated. The system delivers a pre-sun pH balancing treatment, a bronzing treatment, and a post-sun hydrating treatment all in one visit. And you decide the tan level: light, medium or dark. It is the best of both worlds: a sun-bronzed look without the sun damage!

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Introducing VersaSpa Tanning

Learn how you can get a customized tan with VersaSpa Sunless Tanning.