Facial Esthetics: Getting Started

At Genesis Medspa we think of skin care as a relationship rather than just selling you a treatment or product. We want to be your skin care partner, helping you achieve the results you are looking for. That is why we highly recommend starting your relationship with us by scheduling a consultation. During the consultation process you have the opportunity to tell us what your desires are. Our skin care experts can then help you build a personalized plan that fits your goals, budget and lifestyle. We have developed a toolbox of products and procedures that we believe are the best in the esthetic industry. The client looking for a non-surgical option for maintaining or regaining great skin has come to the right place.

Your Consultation

Get started by scheduling your VISIA consultation with one of our estheticians or a Skin Consult with Dr. Prasad, our medical director. You may also add a relaxing facial for a minimal charge. Our staff can help you choose the best option when you call to schedule your appointment. No matter how you choose to start with us, we will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan designed to correct the issues that are of concern and help prevent further damage to your skin.

Making Your Personalized Skin Care Plan


The evaluation process is extremely important to the success of your journey with us. Developing your skin care plan begins with a complete evaluation of your medical history and your current routine, along with an examination of your skin's current condition.

While there are certain non-negotiable recommendations for good skin care, such as sun protection, much of what we can offer is based on your personal goals. We all have things that bother us: for one client that may be wrinkling around the eyes, while for another it is hyperpigmentation (brown spots), and for another it may be a desire for total skin rejuvenation. We ask you to communicate your goals to us during this process so our plan reflects your priorities. We will then make our best recommendation based upon these goals.

The evaluation process does not stop there, however. After receiving our best recommendation we need to determine if this is a realistic plan for both your budget and lifestyle. Your skin is constantly changing and aging, and the only way a plan will work is if it is maintained over time. So with your help we can determine if the plan is a realistic match with your budget and you are willing to put the time in that is needed to make the plan a success. If it isn’t we can further customize the plan to make sure it is a good fit for you. We will finish your consultation with a recommendation for a home care routine that will enhance and protect the results you receive from our in-office procedures.

To sum it up: Your perfect skin care plan = meeting your goals + fitting your budget + suiting your lifestyle

It is our mission that you will leave your consultation with a plan that perfectly meets these needs!


Most people seek our services because they would like us to correct one or many aspects of their skin's current condition. At Genesis Medspa we pride ourselves on the technology and service menu that we offer. However, we do not just have excellent services to offer; we also have an educated staff with experience in matching each client with the services that best meet their needs.

We believe that to offer the best correction it is important that you keep up with the latest technology has to offer and use in-office products that meet the standard of a medical facility. Esthetic medicine is not an untested field. There are countless dollars invested on research and development. In choosing the best services to offer it is important to look at current research and choose services with a proven track record. Just like you, we have to avoid getting pulled in by the “marketing hype”. Our service menu is chosen because we believe each service has a place in delivering a consistent and superior result. We hope to offer a spa-like experience, but our ultimate goal is to offer the best non-surgical correction available and avoid services that are just about the fluff. Our client is searching for skin-changing results and it is our mission to provide these results in a pampering and caring environment.


Prevention is a key part of any plan we set up. We would not be doing you a service if we did not educate you on the things you can do to minimize the effects of aging on your skin. Many of these preventative measures are low cost or even money saving, such as avoiding smoking. We think of the relationship with our client as a partnership, and education is key to that partnership. You come to us for expert advice and we take that responsibility seriously. No matter what your age, getting on a good preventative skin routine is beneficial. So remember: prevention is always easier than correction, and once you have invested in correction you want to be sure to protect that investment with a good maintenance plan. Our skin will not stop aging, but we are fortunate to live in a time when many of the external signs of skin aging can be decreased through implementation of a proper skin care plan.

Home Care

Home care is an essential part of the success of any skin care plan. We highly recommend that you are on a good home care routine for 30 days prior to any corrective services. This preps your skin and allows us to deliver optimal results. Maintaining these results is also enhanced by what you choose to do at home. We consider home care product management a highly valuable service to our client. We have chosen a lineup of home care products designed to give you the best results possible. Just like with our service menu, our product menu is chosen because it is results driven and backed by medically supported clinical research. Unfortunately, skin care product claims are very loosely regulated and are more often based on “marketing hype” than true clinical efficacy. You can feel confident that the products purchased through us have passed our physician’s standards of quality. You can also feel confident that our esthetic staff is well educated in the products we carry and are skilled at creating a plan that will work for your skin. Clients who take advantage of our product management services can expect to have superior results. Why are we so confident in this? Because our staff all personally use and love the products we recommend.

Our Mission

Our mission at the Genesis Medspa is delivering results through technology, education and compassionate care. We welcome you to our facility and look forward to the opportunity to partner with you on your journey to beautiful skin!