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Manicures & Pedicures

Our manicures and pedicures combine the highest level of safety and sterilization without losing an emphasis on style. All nail equipment is sterilized in our surgical autoclave, and pedicures are performed in our pipeless whirlpool tubs. Let us pamper you with our luxurious treatments while keeping your hands and feet safe and beautiful.


Signature Manicure
Our signature treatment is like a facial for your hands. Give your hands back their youthful glow while enjoying a comforting herbal bath, gentle exfoliation, and specialized care for your nails and cuticles followed by a hydrating mask. Finish with a hand massage to sooth tension and a stylish and long-lasting application of butter London polish. Your hands will leave feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Spa Manicure
All the benefits of our Signature Manicure, minus the anti-aging benefits of our hydrating mask.

Skin Rejuvenation Manicure
This treatment is a medical corrective anti-aging procedure for the hands. Our spa manicure is combined with a customized peel for the hands. When performed in a series of treatments, you will notice visible improvements in brown spots, skin smoothness and hydration, giving an overall youthful glow to your hands.


Signature Pedicure
Revitalize aching or tired feet with this signature foot treatment that specializes in exfoliation and hydration. Begin with feeling your tensions melt away as you soak in an herbal foot bath, followed by an exfoliating scrub to soften the feet in preparation for a cuticle and callus treatment. Our hydrating mask will then be applied to leave your feet feeling soft and smooth. Finish up with a lower leg and foot massage to sooth tension, and a stylish and long-lasting application of butter London polish.

Spa Pedicure
Includes a soothing herbal bath, exfoliation, nail and callus care. Massage away tension and hydrate dry skin. Finish with a stylish and long-lasting butter London polish application.

Restorative Foot Treatment
This is the ultimate in callus removal and skin softening. Perfect for troubled feet with calluses or thick cracked skin, this treatment pays special attention to the delicate balance of the feet. This in-room treatment includes the application of a Baby Foot Peel, which uses 17 natural extracts to exfoliate and hydrate at the same time. Fruit acids are the main ingredient, naturally breaking down the bonds of dead skin causing peeling and shedding of unwanted dead skin. Within 3-7 days the peeling will begin, and once finished leaves your skin baby soft. While the peel is working its magic, you'll be treated to a neck and shoulder massage and luxurious hand treatment.

Let us restore health back to your feet and nails. This specialized pedi focuses on ingrown toenails, fungus, severe calluses, or any other medical concern that your tired toes may have. Gehwol foot care lets us treat and begin the path of healing, restoring health and vitality to your feet and lower legs. A polish may be added on if you would like to add a little style to your corrective treatment.

Men’s Sport Pedicure
Awaken and invigorate tired, hardworking feet. Includes nail care, an exfoliating scrub and massage, with a nail trim and buff to ensure that your tired feet look and feel pampered but never polished.

Nail Trim
For our medical clients seeking a safe and corrective nail trim.