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Embrace Your Beauty

Once you’ve made the decision to have breast augmentation, there are additional factors to consider to ensure you achieve your overall esthetic goals. First, where do you want your incision? The majority of my patients prefer the incision located on their breast fold (infra-mammary fold). The infra-mammary fold incision heals well and is hidden with a bra or bikini top. I also offer incisions located in the axilla (underarm) and around the areola. Some women choose the axillary incision because they do not want a visible scar anywhere on their breast. The areolar incision is usually recommended when a breast lift is indicated in conjunction with the augmentation.

No one incision is better than the other. It is a matter of personal preference. If you have your heart set on a specific incision, make sure your cosmetic surgeon is experienced in performing the augmentation with your incision of choice.

Now that you have made the decision on where you want your incision to be, what type of implant do you prefer, saline or silicone? Both implants have silicone shells. The only difference is the saline implant is filled at the time of surgery with sterile saline, and the silicone implant comes pre-filled with gummy silicone. Durability, overall appearance, and results are about the same for both. The only caveat being saline implants are not recommended in very thin women with minimal breast tissue as the rippling of the implant may be more noticeable.

Implants also come in a multitude of firmness (silicone implants) and profiles. At Genesis, we use Natrelle Implants as they offer the greatest number of options in firmness and profiles currently on the market. This allows me to customize the augmentation process to help you achieve your goals.