Embrace Your Beauty

Dr. Chandra Prasad visits with SkinMedica scientists Rahul Mehta, Ph. D. and Scott Petersen, Ph. D.I just returned from the SkinMedica VIP Summit and could not be more energized about our skin care line. Years ago, I chose to offer SkinMedica products because the science behind their claims was solid. I stand even more confident in that choice today because of their ongoing commitment to results-oriented products.

I had the pleasure of spending time with the two chief researchers, Rahul Mehta, Ph. D. and Scott Petersen, Ph. D., at SkinMedica. These two super smart people are the brains behind the discoveries. Their insight into the aging face and skin is far ahead of the curve. They will only bring new products to market once they have solid research and results that are published in medical journals reviewed by other doctors. This is what separates SkinMedica from the other skin care offerings that we are bombarded with daily. There are lots of claims and fancy advertising, but no hard science to back it up.

Some of the game-changing products they have brought to the market include: TNS Essential Serum, Lytera, and their retinol products. TNS is the single most important anti-aging serum today, containing an industry leading 94% growth factor concentration! In addition, it is paired with free radical scavenging antioxidants and other skin enhancing formulations all in one easy to use pump. Lytera will visibly reduce brown spots from sun damaged skin in 90 days. Continued use will lead to even better reduction in these unsightly spots. Retinol products are a mainstay of anti-aging and will lead to a reduction in fine wrinkles and increase the tone of the skin. SkinMedica's retinol has enhanced delivery mechanisms and is much easier to tolerate than current Retin-A products with no sacrifice in results. SkinMedica continues to advance the science of beauty and I am proud to be able to bring these groundbreaking discoveries to you at the JCMG Laser & Vein Center.

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