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Embrace Your Beauty

Dr. Hahm was teaching faculty with the leaders in the field of cosmetic surgery.For all intents and purposes, the general public considers cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery as one and the same. The difference lies in the training and scope of practice. I’ll discuss the differences and my rationale for choosing a cosmetic surgery fellowship.

I completed my general surgery residency and served as a general surgeon and assistant professor of surgery in the United States Navy. As a board-certified general surgeon, I had two avenues in which to pursue a career in esthetic surgery: a plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship or a cosmetic surgery fellowship.

A plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship is a two-year program in which time is divided between trauma, reconstruction, hand surgery, pediatric/congenital defects, disorders, and cosmetic surgery (elective esthetic surgery). A cosmetic surgery fellowship through the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) is twelve months in duration and the entire twelve months are spent learning and performing cosmetic surgery. My goal in choosing a fellowship program was to obtain the best training that would prepare me to provide the highest level of surgical expertise, personalized service, and results from day one. As my career focus was not on reconstructive surgery and academia, I chose to pursue a cosmetic surgery fellowship.

I completed my cosmetic surgery fellowship with Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown (President-Elect, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery) in Cincinnati, Ohio. During my twelve months I completed a full range of face, body and breast surgeries and procedures (over 600). I learned the latest techniques and innovations, and continue to attend national meetings and conferences to stay on the cutting edge. I am a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and am board-certified with the American Board of Surgery and American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

I chose to leave behind a lucrative general surgery practice to pursue my passion for esthetic surgery. Although I enjoyed general surgery, my interests and ultimate career goals have always been cosmetic surgery. I find helping a patient attain their esthetic goals and boosting their self-confidence extremely rewarding. I love being a cosmetic surgeon.