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Something to consider when deciding to undergo breast augmentation is whether you will need a breast lift in conjunction with the augmentation. A breast lift involves removing skin (sometimes breast tissue as well) and tightening. Several factors determine whether a lift is necessary to help you reach your desired goal:

  • Position of your nipple in relation to the infra-mammary fold (crease where the breast meets the chest wall)
  • Location of your breast tissue
  • Your goal cup size post augmentation

Ideally your nipple should be at or above your infra-mammary fold. Unfortunately, with time, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and effects of gravity, skin becomes lax and breast tissue migrates south. If the amount of ptosis (sagging) is minimal, this can be addressed with placement of an implant if the implant being placed is large enough to fill out the overlying skin envelope. However, if you do not want to dramatically increase your bust size or the overlying skin envelope is too much to be offset by the implant, a lift will be necessary.

Sometimes the nipple is positioned above the infra-mammary fold but the breast appears bottom heavy with the majority of the breast tissue below the nipple. This phenomenon is referred to as pseudo-ptosis. If pseudo-ptosis is present, it will be necessary to remove a portion of the skin and breast tissue along with augmentation.

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