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Vitamin D has been shown to play a vital role in achieving optimal health. Vitamin D helps keep your bones strong, fight off infection, and some data indicates it may lower your cancer, diabetes, and heart disease risk. Many people feel that being out in the sun will give them adequate amounts of Vitamin D, but studies have shown that is not the case. It is very important to supplement your Vitamin D to maintain levels that keep you healthy. It is especially important as we age because it reduces the risk of osteoporosis and the fractures that come with it.

There is no universal agreement on what levels of Vitamin D are considered optimal. The studies have conflicting data. However, in the wellness community, it is generally accepted that levels over 80 and possibly even closer to 100 should be maintained for optimum body health. Different labs will post different normal ranges, but in general we believe you should maintain your levels on the higher end of the range.

Also, Vitamin D supplements must be absorbed correctly. Many times, people are taking supplements, but they are not properly absorbed, or the dose is far too low. It is important to choose quality supplements to ensure the supplements are manufactured for proper absorption. Monitoring lab values is the best way to ensure you have adequate levels of Vitamin D. At Genesis, monitoring Vitamin D is part of the full workup done when evaluating you for hormone replacement. If Vitamin D deficiency is a problem for you, we will address this in our wellness recommendations.

Our Wellness division is happy to help you begin the journey towards optimizing your health.

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