Embrace Your Beauty

Have you noticed that as you get older you look more like one parent or the other? It is true that we are our parents’ children. One “genetic gift” is the stubborn fat deposits that just won’t leave. I know my dad gave me my short waist, love handles and double chin. I had these trouble spots when I weighed 115 pounds in high school! They have stayed with me despite exercise and diet and no matter what weight I was. That is until CoolSculpting arrived at Genesis.

CoolSculpting is the secret weapon in the war on fat. It is important to start with the fact that it is not a weight loss tool. It will also not get rid of the internal visceral fat, which presents as tight and barrel-like around your abdomen area. You will have to lose this type of fat the old-fashioned way.

However, for those stubborn external fat pockets, we now have an option to freeze them away. The saying is “if you can squeeze it, we can freeze it!” If this is of interest, we are happy to inform you that we have recently upgraded to the CoolSculpting Elite, the latest in fat-freezing technology. We are also fortunate to have Kimberly Hentges, a CoolSculpting University instructor, on staff to keep our providers up on the latest treatment pearls.

We know you have a choice in where you go. That is why we strive to keep the latest technology and the most advanced trained personnel at Genesis Medspa. So, if you want to say bye-bye to those love handles, food baby or man boobs, come see us today to discuss your options.

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