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Embrace Your Beauty

It is human nature to look at desirable traits or successes in others and think how lucky they are. Often, however, that luck is in large part due to hard work or careful planning. I think great skin falls into this category. We see someone with a stunning complexion and wish for it, either thinking they drew the lucky genetic card or that it just isn’t possible for us.

Modern esthetic medicine takes the luck out of great skin. Even if you are a pigmented mess there is hope. Our esthetic staff is trained and ready to help you banish the browns and smooth away wrinkles. The technological advances in both treatment options and homecare allow us to erase much of the sins of the past. Once your skin is glowing, we can help you maintain your results and prevent future damage.

I am a prime example of this. My family is of Irish German descent and we all have the tendency to get huge brown spots as we age. In my thirties and early forties that mostly showed up as dull dusky skin, with a peppering of pigment. I did not do myself any favors with my excessive sun exposure and tanning in my younger days.

Luckily, I had a Triniti skin series 11 years ago and haven’t turned back. That initial series brought huge improvements in my skin and I have worked to maintain those results over the past 11 years. I have an annual Triniti maintenance and keep up with my homecare routine. Occasionally I will add in an extra peel. I also am a daily sunscreen user and do my best to protect my skin in the summer.

I will forever need to keep at keeping that long-ago sun damage at bay, but I don’t need luck! I have the tools to do it: the products, services, and staff at Genesis Medspa! They are my lucky charm! And you’re in luck – they can be yours, too. Contact us to schedule your Visia Analysis today!

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