Embrace Your Beauty

Sunscreen is for always, for a multitude of reasons. The one we face every day: the sun is responsible for 90% of the visible signs we associate with aging, such as wrinkles, pigmentation and degradation of texture. And then there's cancer. No big deal.

UVA = deep penetration = photoaging (soooo... uvA for aging)

UVB = sunburns and cancer (uvB for burns – or for BUMMER because cancer)

What about the winter? Especially in the winter! The snow nearly doubles your exposure to UV rays because of how it reflects. Also, interestingly, not to get all green, but our ozone layer, “Earth’s Sunscreen”, is thinnest in the winter (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway). AND we’re closest to the sun during the winter.

Sunscreen is even important in the car. UVB rays go through glass. The cancer rays! That should be their real name.

Even if you can’t see the sun. Wear it. Clouds filter out the sunlight, but not the UVB rays (cancer rays). Even just being on concrete (among other things, but I’ll spare you the list) makes you more vulnerable to those harmful rays. What about in the shade? Wear it. Not all shade is equal, and either way, some of those rays bounce off molecules in the air and still get to our lovely skin.

Are you starting to feel like the sun is tricky?

Sunscreen shouldn’t really be an option. Do yourself a favor... Wear it. Every two hours. Even in the car. On cloudy days. In the shade. In the winter.

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