Embrace Your Beauty

The 2022 dates for spring are March 20th through June 21st. I don’t know about you but I feel like Missouri goes straight from winter to summer. Barely a spring in sight. We have hardly stopped wearing our winter jackets and it is already 90! It is a rare day that you get that perfect sunny day with a pleasant temperature. When it happens, it is amazing, but unfortunately those type of days are few and far between. I guess that is why our Sunsational celebration hits at the perfect time. It is sunny and yes, hot. Time to tweak your makeup and product plan for the new hotter weather and make sure you are stocked up on extra sun protection products. It is also time to think about getting ready to bare the body, and any treatments you may want to add to boost your confidence in that department.

This year our Sunsational theme is a Secret Garden theme. Of course we always love an excuse to dress up, but on top of that we love sharing all of our product and service secrets to help you all look and feel your best this summer. This year we will also have information on our wellness offerings to help you feel your best and get out and enjoy yourself as things warm up. We hope you will take time out of your day to stop by, have a snack and visit with us! We love catching up with each and every one of you. Let's make this May the most Sunsational yet!

Categories: Beholding Beauty