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Getting rid of unwanted fat can be as easy as sipping White Claw in a pretty room.We’ve all heard about all the fat-reduction treatments that are available and wondered if they work. Well, I can personally answer that question for at least one of those treatment options!

CoolSculpting is our choice for getting rid of those stubborn areas, and it’s very simple and noninvasive. It involves sitting in a comfy chair for a little bit of time while 1-2 applicators are applied to the area(s) you choose. You feel a cooling sensation for 20-40 minutes, and then there is a 2 minute massage to the treatment area. That’s it! Super simple. I literally sat there and watched Netflix.

Just to go a little deeper into this process, what’s happening here is the device is freezing those fat cells. The massage brings heat back to the treated area. There’s a little discomfort, no pain. It’s just like when you make snowmen, and you come back inside and your hands are FREEZING, and they kind of tingle when they start to warm back up. And just like that, then your lymph system starts the process of detoxing those dead fat cells out of your body! Using our infrared sauna can help this process, along with dry brushing, which stimulates the lymph system.

A few additional details to know:

  • Having the possibility of 2 applicators being used at the same time is SPECIAL. A lot of facilities only have one machine, meaning to do each flank would take at least two applications. Here we can dual sculpt, which cuts your time in half! We lead busy lives – who doesn’t want to save time?!
  • Also, as is true with most realistic treatments that actually work, results are not immediate. You’ll be numb in that area for awhile (my specific scenario was 2-3 weeks of numbness). Around the 3rd week is when a lot of people start to see change.
  • This isn’t a numbers treatment – don’t look to be losing 50 pounds or anything – my weight only fluctuated by maybe a few pounds? The fit of my clothing is where I saw the biggest change, which is what I wanted!
  • Most people need 2 rounds of treatment. Full results come 3 months after the 2nd round is completed.
  • Pricing is totally customized – all bodies are different! We all need and want different things.
  • Genesis offers free consultations for this treatment! Come make a plan to look and feel your best.

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