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Embrace Your Beauty

This summer came and went in a literal flash... for some reason the older I get the faster the time seems to go by. It is my favorite time of the year and someday I hope to live somewhere that summer never ends.

For my family, summer means countless hours behind our boat surfing, skiing, wakeboarding, playing, and just enjoying time with family and friends. We bought a new boat this year and even though it is super exciting it was a little bittersweet thinking of all the years and time that we had spent on our Malibu. In my cleaning, I came across the reason that my family stays so sun protected even while we’re out: I found eight Sunforgettable brushes, six tubes of SPF 35 Lip Shine, and countless gray tubes of SkinMedica SPF. What can I say, I am a true product junkie.

During consults people often mention that they cannot protect their skin because they want to still be outside doing the things they love to do outside. I completely get it and would never ask anyone to avoid the things that they love about their life to avoid getting sun. Thankfully, Colorescience and SkinMedica make it easy to have beautiful sun protected skin throughout every season. With all that being said, and best intentions on protection, by late August I am beginning to think about when I’m going to have my little brown spot that shows up every year treated. This year something is different and there is no little brown spot! The only thing that I have done differently is the addition of Lumivive. The protection and correction that it has given me through the summer months has been amazing. It has officially been added to my list of must-haves for keeping brown spots away and general anti-aging healthy skin.

In combination with our home care products we have so many options to treat brown spots and uneven pigmentation. From peels to PicoWay, our Visia consults will offer a very customized plan made just for your skin type. It is our goal to make sure that the plan works within your budget and lifestyle. And if budget was ever an issue, as it is for most of us, this IS the special to get jumpstarted on your journey towards great skin. Our So Long Summer Sun Skin Care Package combines the best of the best products with amazing savings. You will also receive coupons for discounts on your targeted skin rejuvenation services, like peels and IPL with radio frequency treatments. Make this the season to start taking care of you. Come see us for a Visia consult.

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