Embrace Your Beauty

Don’t you wish it were just that easy? One of the most overlooked aspects of health is sleep. There are times when you can sleep all night, but still wake up tired. Frequently this is because you have been asleep, but you didn’t get any rest. You never achieved the REM phase of sleep. If you don’t get into the REM phase of sleep, your body will not rest and repair itself optimally. Thus, you will awake tired and unrefreshed.

People will try to help their sleep in any manner of ways. Most commonly this is alcohol. While alcohol will help you fall asleep, or pass out, it will not allow you to get into the REM phase of sleep. Thus, you will not be refreshed or rejuvenated when you awaken. Pills like valium, Benadryl, codeine, etc. do the same thing. They also will create a dependency so you will have to use them forever and likely in larger doses as time goes on.

At Genesis, we want to assist you in your wellness journey, and nothing is more important than getting a good night’s rest. If you are struggling to sleep well, then a supplement such as Best Night Sleep may be useful to you. It has all-natural ingredients to assist in getting to sleep as well as promoting the REM phase of sleep. It has the all-natural nutraceuticals, L-theanine and melatonin. These all help you get your best night's rest.

You may also need some other aspects of your health and lifestyle adjusted to get the rest you need, and we can help you there, too. So, if sleep is a problem for you, come in and let us help you get you the rest you deserve!