Embrace Your Beauty

VersaSpa tanning roomIt's common knowledge that tanning beds cause skin cancer – no "ifs, ands or buts" about it. Even though the rest of the world considers pale skin to be beautiful, here we all still seem to love having tan skin, myself included. I feel prettier, like my clothes match my body better. Tan skin covers any imperfections, and I can even wear less makeup (anything in life that means I can wear less makeup makes me happy). I feel like the epitome of summer when I'm tan.

A lot of the country has switched over to spray tanning, through various methods such as an individual spraying them down or a machine that does that instead. We love our VersaSpa. It NEVER looks orange. One time, I decided to try darker than I normally go, and even though it was darker than I'd planned, it still looked really pretty and not orange at all.

I love that I have the privacy of my own room, with the booth in it, and that the booth is open so I don't feel claustrophobic, or like I'm in one of those horror movies where the tanning booth could get stuck closed and I might die a long and painful death. The things we worry about!

Let's stop calling this fake tanning. This is skincare for women who want to age well.Something else I love about the VersaSpa Pro is how it makes my skin look and feel. Not only is my tan gorgeously perfect (I love putting the primer on my legs for an extra color boost there), but it's actually GOOD for my skin. The VersaSpa solution is sugar based, infusing green and brown marine algae to improve skin firmness and induce cellular rejuvenation, as well as the restructuring of the skin barrier. We include in every tan the pre-treatment moisturizer and the post-treatment skin conditioner to enhance the quality of the tan and improve the duration of it. Skin care is our game!

*BONUS MedSpa Secret: You can actually come in for ONLY the moisturizer and conditioner treatments, say for instance during the winter when you're dry and need that extra boost for better feeling and looking skin, or if you already have the perfect complexion and just want those benefits all year long.

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