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Embrace Your Beauty

Pedicure roomSo this is long, but stick with me here. We have special pedicures. One acquaintance that does nails here in town made the comment that she had seen more fungus here in Missouri than anywhere else... in the country. Um. Ew. This is where our special abilities come into play.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) simulated exaggerated unsanitary pedicure conditions for seven consecutive days. Each day, they were filled with fresh water, oils, pathogenic microorganisms (there are five and I won't bore you with the long names that look like they're a foreign language, but I will tell you included were Staph and E. Coli – for serious), and a nutrient source for the microorganisms.

They circulated all of this every day for an hour before draining. They waited until day seven to clean the jets – and they were only hand cleaned, using store bought cleaner (Lysol) – rinsed the bowls, and then circulated fresh water for five minutes, and proceeded to test the water. It was still 99.9% hygienic. These jets are the first and only certified for disinfection from NSF International.

Podiatrists send their patients here to our MedSpa for their pedicures because we're so sterile, we sterilize all tools after each and every use, AND our nail technicians have actually been trained by a podiatrist as well. It's all pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

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