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Embrace Your Beauty

Signature TreatmentWe provide all the traditional spa treatments and services: manicures, pedicures, massages, body treatments, facials, microderms. However, spa-ing here at the JCMG LVC MedSpa gives you a SPECIAL option, called "The Signature Treatment". A Signature Treatment firstly allows you to choose aromatherapy based on your individual needs that day: headache relief, a feeling of peace and tranquility to combat anxiety from the day or simply because it feels good, relaxation, etc.

A Signature Treatment also gives you a good deal more massage, and how could that ever be a bad thing? You're already in love aren't you? I know, but wait! There's more. It also includes a hydrating paraffin mask (on your hands during a manicure/facial/microderm) and Leg Vitality mask (which feels amazing during pedicures). The Leg Vitality mask can be purchased off the shelf actually, though we run out rather quickly. This feels fantastic for those with vein issues.

So... MY only question is: Can I please have a Signature Life?

*BONUS MedSpa Secret: Headache Relief also comes in a convenient reusable inhaler that you can purchase and take home with you. From personal experience with a long history of, at times, debilitating tension migraines, I can tell you this drastically improves a tension headache AND migraine, sometimes even diminishing it entirely, relaxing me to the point of feeling like I just drank a glass of red wine.

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