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Microneedling is a procedure that uses small pin pricks to cause skin wounds that then encourage your body to produce collagen and elastin. What is PRP? PRP is short for Platelet Rich Plasma. Your platelets have an abundance of growth factors which help your body heal itself after an injury. When we harvest them and concentrate them, we can use them to grow new collagen in your skin. Combining the two is a treatment designed to maximize collagen production therapy.

I compare microneedling to core aerifying your yard in the fall. When you poke holes in the dirt, the grass grows back better in the spring. Controlled injuries will affect a positive change in the skin. The procedure jump-starts your body's healing process by sending collagen and elastin to repair the injury, thus smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and helping with acne, pores, scars, stretch marks and sun damage.

Adding PRP to microneedling is like adding seed and fertilizer to the yard after aerifying it. You will get a boosted outcome. We add the PRP topically and then the device injects it into your skin. The PRP further stimulates collagen production and accelerates the healing.

So, if you want the best results from your microneedling, be sure to ask us to add PRP to your procedure. You will be amazed at the results this two-pronged treatment can give you!

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