Embrace Your Beauty

Fall is my favorite time of the year. The leaves are changing into beautiful fall colors, there is relief from the summer heat as we welcome cooler days and can break out those cozy sweaters, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner (with Christmas not long after – but we are not counting days yet)! With all the holiday activities, it is not uncommon to find ourselves traveling more and on our feet for long hours spending time with family, baking, or cooking that Thanksgiving dinner. If during this wonderful and sometimes crazy time of year you find that your legs are feeling a little more heavy, tired, or swollen, then compression stockings may be your best friend to keep you active and moving.

When we stand for long periods of time, our veins have a harder time working properly due to gravity and the pressure on our legs, which is what causes those tired and heavy legs and can lead to swelling. Or if you are traveling, sitting still in a car or airplane also decreases circulation from the lack of muscle action helping pump on your blood vessels, which increases your risk of swelling and potentially blood clots. Wearing compression stockings, whether you need vein treatment or not, can help keep that circulation moving and keep you feeling better both on your feet and during travel so you can enjoy all the festivities that this time of year brings.

Now “compression stockings” doesn’t have to mean those ugly, thick, and uncomfortable hose that our grandmothers used to wear. The Sigvaris brand of compression stockings that we carry come in a variety of fabrics and colors. They are tailored to your legs so that they fit well and are comfortable to wear. They come in a variety of colors from skin tone and black to even a deep burgundy or navy blue. So you can even pull off that cute fall skirt and boots with your compression stockings and no one will know that your stylish leggings are actually making your legs healthier and feel so much better.

Come by the vein center and talk with one of our nurses about what compression stockings can do for you this fall. Happy Thanksgiving!