Embrace Your Beauty

Can you all believe that it is November already? I feel like the months just keep flying by and life is flashing before my eyes. We are getting ready to head into one of my favorite times of the year. I love all that comes with the holiday season, even the busy schedule that has me running like crazy! But the busy to-do list and busy schedule can definitely take its toll on my body. This time of year, it is very important to me that I take care of myself and keep my immune system high. I don’t want anything to get in the way of spending time with the ones I love most!

I am really thankful to be a part of the Genesis team and know all there is to help keep me healthy! So, this month I wanted to share with you what I do to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep my immune system healthy.

I start every day with exercise. That is my time of the day to focus on me! I love the endorphin rush that I get from a good workout! I also work out because I love to snack and indulge in a few adult beverages every now and then. Now with that said, I know what I put in my body also fuels my body, so I do try to make good food choices most of the time.

Every three months I see one of the wellness providers for hormone replacement (pellets). This has been life changing for me. I have so much energy, I sleep at night, and have more mental focus. Sleep is so important; if you are not sleeping your body never gets to repair itself!

On a monthly basis I get a B12 injection. This is something new that we have been doing here and has really been an extra boost! The B12 injections will help increase your mood, energy level, brain function, and can help the body repair itself. And then on the daily I take several different nutraceuticals. My daily regimen includes Methyl Factors (all the Bs), Multi-Strain Probiotic (good gut health), DIM (helps with detox and keeping my hormones going down the right pathways), Daily Multi, and ADK10 (Vitamin D helps increase your immune system and bone health). If I start to get really sore from my workouts I take BPC-157 – that one is filled with great peptides to help repair my bod! And the last thing that I do is IV therapy when I feel like I need an extra boost!

So, if you are already thinking about the upcoming holiday season and you want to be on your A-game, we have so many options to help! Don’t let a weak immune system keep you away from your family and friends this holiday season. Put yourself on your to-do list and remember that you are important, too! And remember being healthy now is important, but it is also important for your health in the future! So, with all of that said, I hope that each and every one of you has the best holiday season yet and you get to feel so much love and happiness!

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