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We all know that with aging comes unwanted things, right? Well for me aging and 3 kids really did me in down there! I started to struggle with stress urinary incontinence after my second baby. I will never forget my first outing after having her. We were on a hayride and I jumped off the trailer and peed my pants!! I peed my pants so much that we had to leave because my pants were soaked – I was mortified. After that I knew I had to rectify the problem. Being an RN at Genesis Medspa, and having helped other women with this same issue, I knew we offered just the treatments to help me with my issue. After a consultation with Dr. Ferris I began my treatment plan.

I started initially with vaginal rejuvenation using radio frequency. This treatment is called Vitalia. It is done in a series of 3 treatments, 1 month apart. The treatment is very comfortable to have done. It is performed by having a small probe inserted into the vagina, and the probe is then moved back and forth. The total time for this treatment is about 45 minutes. After the treatment you have no downtime at all. You may feel some fullness for a day, but after that it's business as usual. After my third treatment I could tell a difference in my incontinence and it was so great! I could jump on the trampoline with my son and could exercise while not having to worry about peeing my pants. For the next 2 years I did a maintenance treatment every 6 months just to maintain my results. This treatment can also help ladies who struggle with vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, decrease in sensation, and vaginal laxity.

Well fast forward a couple of years and I had another baby! From the get-go that was my hardest pregnancy... guess it was preparing me for my crazy life that was to come. (On a side note... 3 kids... holy moly, they keep me on my toes and keep me hopping, which means I don’t have time to be worrying about peeing my pants.) During that pregnancy, my stress incontinence reared its ugly head again. Obviously I didn’t do any treatments during pregnancy, but afterward I knew I had to start back on treatments again. Like I said earlier, 3rd pregnancy and 3rd kid did me in. I didn’t really start working out again until probably 10 months after delivery. That is when I really noticed how bad my incontinence was again.

I started back on treatments and this time I started with a different treatment. I had the O-Shot. If you don’t know what the O-Shot is, it is where we draw your own blood, spin it down, and then extract off the top portion, which is called PRP (platelet rich plasma). Dr. Ferris then takes the PRP and injects it into the vaginal area. The purpose of this treatment is to cause your body to repair itself. Pretty cool, right... repair your body with your own goods! This treatment is done in the office, you are here for about an hour, but the injection time is less than 5 minutes! We use numbing cream to help with the needle stick and I will have to say, I never felt a one. The really great thing about this treatment is that there is no downtime either.

About a month after this treatment I decided to start another series of Vitalia as well. I am currently about 2 months out from my last Vitalia treatment and I am happy to report that I have a HUGE difference in my stress incontinence. I went from having to wear a jumbo pad while working out to just a light day panty liner on some days, not every day. I highly recommend this treatment, and I think every woman should invest in herself a little... because no one deserves to have to pee their pants.

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