Embrace Your Beauty

As women age and have children, somewhere along the line, we start to expect less and less from our love life or at least the sex part of it. We may be blessed with a loving partner and have every other aspect of our relationship going for us, but things just by nature tend to physically go downhill. It happens to men too, and you can’t watch TV without seeing some ad encouraging them to seek treatment and get more enjoyment! Where are these ads for women? Is there no option to help spice things up for us again? Or is it just not something that we should expect?

At Genesis, we say you can and should expect more from your love life. The treatment advancements for women are out there now! The problem is no one is talking about them. I also think we have been conditioned to accept less. Well, give yourself some loving this month and come in and learn about these life changing treatments. We offer three options for improving your sexual gratification.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Sometimes our lack of desire is related to an imbalance in our hormones. We are tired and run down and this can dampen our interest in all things. This is for some the first step to change. We offer a full hormone balancing consultation to determine if hormone replacement therapy is a good option for you. This process will include drawing a lab panel, reviewing symptoms, and then creating a plan to address any hormone or vitamin deficiencies. You will leave with a customized plan to not only spice up your love life, but your health and mood, too!

Vaginal Rejuvenation
If loss of lubrication or sensation is a problem, vaginal rejuvenation is a great option. Many perimenopause or post menopause women suffer from this. Chemotherapy or a history of a hysterectomy may also contribute to lubrication issues. A simple in-office laser treatment can help with this. This treatment is also great for women who have lost tightness due to childbirth. And there is a bonus of helping with stress incontinence! Another treatment so many women don’t even know is out there for them.

The name kind of speaks for itself but this treatment is all about increasing your sensation and satisfaction. We utilize PRP derived from your own blood to stimulate collagen and nerve regeneration in all the areas that make your sex life sizzle. This treatment also can have the added benefit of assisting with urinary incontinence.

All these treatments are available at Genesis and this month we are offering a complimentary appointment to come in and explore if any of them are right for you. You can choose to meet with Robert Ferris, MD OBGYN or Stephanie Pitts, NP. Enjoying your love life again is possible!

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