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All sunscreen coverage is not equal. When choosing your sunscreen, we all want to choose a product which does the best job of protecting us. Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting information on what is best to use. There are basically two types of sunscreens: chemical and mineral. At Genesis we offer only the mineral sunscreens. Below is a comparison of the two types and our reasoning for going all mineral.

Chemical sunscreens work by binding ultraviolet radiation and upon binding the ultraviolet rays are deactivated. If you are not reapplying every two hours, you are effectively unprotected as the product has been deactivated. Chemicals are also being absorbed into your body at levels 15-20 times higher than previously believed! The FDA has issued a report recommending the discontinued use of chemical sunscreens. Lastly, chemical sunscreens do not protect you from the blue light radiation emitted from your phone, tablets, computers, TVs, etc. In my opinion, these attributes make chemical sunscreens a less than desirable option.

Mineral sunscreens contain inert zinc and titanium and will cause no harm or breakouts if the sunscreen is a pure mineral product. You can easily check this by putting it in water. Pure minerals will float, any fillers or other substances will cloud the water. Mineral sunscreens work by reflecting away the harmful radiation from the sun and devices we use. This also has a cooling effect on the skin. Theoretically, if you don’t touch your face or sweat them off, they will last until you wash them off. As an added protection we do think it is best to reapply regularly.

At Genesis, we offer only mineral sunscreen products, whether it is a stand-alone sunscreen or incorporated into our Colorescience makeup products. These sunscreens come in a variety of shades so we can help you look your best while protecting your skin!

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