Embrace Your Beauty

Summer is filled with so many fun activities for me and my family! It is most definitely my favorite time of year. When I think of summer, all things physical come to mind! Running, jumping on the trampoline, swimming, chasing after my kids, or playing hopscotch with them!

Prior to having my own vaginal rejuvenation treatment, when I would think of those things I would instantly think about peeing my pants! After having 3 babies I really struggled with stress incontinence. I was always worried about when it would happen, and so I would find myself not doing the things that I love. My kids would laugh at me when I would jump on the trampoline for 2 jumps and then have to get off and go to the bathroom! And they just couldn’t understand what I was doing!

I also love to run, but there was nothing worse than being out on the open road and just peeing my pants with every stride that I took. It really stinks when you are trying to focus and have a good workout, but those lovely little dribbles just totally distracted me! Having this treatment was so life changing for me! The only thing that I wish I would have done differently was do it sooner!

Often, I think about how life changing this treatment was for me and think that I can't be the only mom out there! We often put everyone else before ourselves and sometimes we just shouldn’t! If you are reading this and you also struggle with stress urinary incontinence, you should really think about coming in and talking with us. The consultation is complimentary, so all it will cost you is a little bit of your time (which I know is a hot commodity as well!). The consult can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. During your consult we will teach you about the treatment and how it can help you, as well as what to expect during and after the treatment.

Vaginal rejuvenation doesn’t just treat stress incontinence, it will also help with vaginal dryness, decrease in sensation, and vaginal laxity. So, if you can mark yes to any of these symptoms you should come see us! We can help you no longer dread those trampolines, summertime sneezes or jumping! Enjoy the last bit of summer and soak up the sunshine (with your sunscreen on, of course)!

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