Embrace Your Beauty

Every October we host a tips and tricks event. The theme always ties into a costume idea. This year our staff wanted to do a Barbie theme. They thought it was very versatile and a great way for everyone to get to show a bit of their personality. For some reason, I was slightly bothered by the idea, but I’m not going to pull rank on their fun!

I did, however, ask myself why the Barbie theme bothered me. I loved playing Barbies when I was a kid. Thinking back, it was a fun way to play out all the different ways I could be a woman in this world. Yes, Barbie had a very uniform look, but her possibilities were only limited by my imagination. And after all she is a doll.

I can also say I did not get my body image ideal from her. Even as a kid I knew real women didn’t look like that. So, I am going to embrace the theme in the mode it was intended. We can be “any Barbie” we want: teacher, astronaut, mother, fireman, even President.

Barbie taught us we could dream big and that’s a deeper lesson... and if there are any tips and tricks we have to help with those dreams, then all the better. Look for the details on our Promotions page and come on Barbie let's go party!!

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