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Signature TreatmentWe provide all the traditional spa treatments and services: manicures, pedicures, massages, body treatments, facials, microderms. However, spa-ing here at the JCMG LVC MedSpa gives you a SPECIAL option, called "The Signature Treatment". A Signature Treatment firstly allows you to choose aromatherapy based on your individual needs that day: headache relief, a feeling of peace and tranquility to combat anxiety from the day or simply because it feels good, relaxation, etc.

A Signature Treatment also gives you a good deal more massage, and how could that ever be a bad thing? You're already in love aren't you? I know, but wait! There's more. It also includes a hydrating paraffin mask (on your hands during a manicure/facial/microderm) and Leg Vitality mask (which feels amazing during pedicures). The Leg Vitality mask can be purchased off the shelf actually, though we run out rather quickly. This feels fantastic for those with vein issues.

So... MY only question is: Can I please have a Signature Life?

*BONUS MedSpa Secret: Headache Relief also comes in a convenient reusable inhaler that you can purchase and take home with you. From personal experience with a long history of, at times, debilitating tension migraines, I can tell you this drastically improves a tension headache AND migraine, sometimes even diminishing it entirely, relaxing me to the point of feeling like I just drank a glass of red wine.

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TabathaSomething else I've discovered about the "Med" in MedSpa - product secrets. I sometimes legitimately feel guilty that I know all these really helpful beauty secrets that I never knew before, and I'm a curious person, so if I didn't know them I'm sure tons of people don't. I'm going to remedy that right now. These are all things that I personally have used or continue to use.

Product Secret #1: Baby Feet
It's a foot peel, consisting of plastic booties with 17 types of natural extracts that you leave on for an hour, resulting in your feet starting to peel 1-2 days later, lasting for around 5 days. It's incredible. It doesn't hurt. You get new, beautiful, soft feet. I've never seen anything like it in my life.

Product Secret #2: The Corrector Palette from Colorescience
This is the ultimate beauty tool. It's a compact with 6 shades of coverage; I use it to cover my under-eye color, the redness in my cheeks and nose, any other pigmentation, as well as any blemishes or bruising from any procedures. Seriously, no one can tell when I have any skin issues because of this. So if you stay up all night, get filler, have a bad beat up, laser treatments, whatever - no one has to know.

Product Secret #3: Visia
This is a machine that does a photoanalysis. It's super cool, showing you 6 layers of your skin, so the expert here can see exactly where your damage is, and tell you exactly what to do to correct it and look like you've always wanted.

Mineral Corrector PaletteProduct Secret #4: Latisse
Eyelashes are an industry in themselves, with tons of mascara to choose from, along with primers, fake lashes, lash extensions, tinting... I could go on. This prescription was discovered during testing with glaucoma patients. Put it on like eyeliner, and watch your lashes grow longer, darker and thicker within a matter of weeks, with full results at 3 months. Seriously guys, when I go running on bike trails, spider webs get stuck in my eyelashes, meaning those babies stick out farther than anything else on my body (which is a good and a bad thing.)

Product Secret #5: Growth Factors
The "Med" in MedSpa is short for medical, meaning we have a doctor onsite who gets access to high quality products, and therefore his patients can take advantage of this access as well. Growth factors would be one of those special access products, maybe the most important one. As we age, our body stops making new skin cells at a rapid rate, resulting in the dreaded wrinkles, sagging skin, dryness... all kinds of things that none of us think of when we describe beauty. Growth factors tell your skin cells that hey, this one cell needs to be replaced, pass it on and make new ones dude. AND THEN YOU DO. It was actually first used on burn victims. You can't time travel, but your skin can!

I have more secrets, but these are a few of my favorite things. You're welcome.

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Pure Hydration Water Enhancer.Some spas give you bottled water. Some provide distilled water. The JCMG LVC MedSpa is a member of the Pure Inventions family, a company that creates different serums to add to water for individualized benefits. This means you can do things like EXTRA grow your hair while drinking tasty water. Grow my hair? Yes, please.

The box says the Hair, Skin & Nails is pear flavored – I say it's Fruit Roll-Up flavored. Right now we're loving the Blueberry + White tea, which smells and tastes amazing, plus fights free radicals and supports brain function and eye health. Another popular favorite is the Pomegranate + Acai Berry, for its taste and support of collagen production (because everyone loves beautiful skin). There's even one to help you sleep!

At The MedSpa, we happily provide the benefits of keeping 4-5 flavors out in pitchers for our patients to relax with while they prepare for their appointment, or as they leave to finish up their day. Obviously we're obsessed with our water.

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Chromotherapy sauna.Gone are the days when we sit in saunas and suffocatingly sweat ourselves to weight loss. Here are the days when we take advantage of technology using different wavelengths of light to benefit our entire bodies. JCMG LVC MedSpa happens to be the only place within miles with a special sauna that uses all the available wavelengths, so Jeff City can reap the benefits for every part of the body, including skin, joints and organs to name a few.

Use the pain relief setting for after a workout (or just because), the relaxation after work, or Dr. Prasad's favorite – the cardiovascular – to burn up to 600 calories in one sitting. For real.

Come learn about Chromotherapy and pick a color to add additional benefit to your infrared sesh. I'm a Blue Relaxation. How do YOU sauna?

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