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You know that feeling of being fully warmed by the glow of the sun on the first nice day after a long winter? When the birds are singing, and you're just outside without a ton of clothes on, and you can feel the sun on your bare skin, and it's basically the best day of the last 6 months of your life? Did you know you can get that feeling anytime, any day? It's at Genesis Medspa, and it's called an infrared sauna.

Infrared saunas are a hugely untapped fountain of health and happiness – they feel seriously amazing and are even better for our health. By using different types of infrared light, they heat our bodies from the inside out by heating our core first. Don't be alarmed if you don't sweat for the first or even multiple sessions – the more active you are and the more often your core is heated, the more quickly this happens, so you'll be more likely to get a good sweat.

Most infrared saunas that you run across only have one type of light, most commonly the far light. At Genesis we have Sunlighten Infrared Saunas, which have all three types of light. This is important because they each do different things for our body:

Near: stays on the outside of our body, assisting in the healing of wounds, scars and skin conditions.

Mid: goes a little deeper, into our muscles and joints, so it works well for pain relief and relaxation.

Far: penetrates the deepest parts of our body, including into our organs, so it releases those deep toxins and helps with weight loss.

There are preprogrammed sessions such as relaxation and detox, and we can also create custom sessions.

We could literally use an infrared sauna 7 days a week (staying properly hydrated, of course) and that would be GOOD for us. Sadly, Genesis is only open 6 days a week. We have two saunas, however, that you can schedule Monday through Saturday. Pricing is by the sauna, so you can even bring a friend or significant other along to join you in your session.

Through September, if you have never tried our infrared sauna, it is only $5! So grab some water, come relax, and feel like the first day of spring!

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Getting rid of unwanted fat can be as easy as sipping White Claw in a pretty room.We’ve all heard about all the fat-reduction treatments that are available and wondered if they work. Well, I can personally answer that question for at least one of those treatment options!

CoolSculpting is our choice for getting rid of those stubborn areas, and it’s very simple and noninvasive. It involves sitting in a comfy chair for a little bit of time while 1-2 applicators are applied to the area(s) you choose. You feel a cooling sensation for 20-40 minutes, and then there is a 2 minute massage to the treatment area. That’s it! Super simple. I literally sat there and watched Netflix.

Just to go a little deeper into this process, what’s happening here is the device is freezing those fat cells. The massage brings heat back to the treated area. There’s a little discomfort, no pain. It’s just like when you make snowmen, and you come back inside and your hands are FREEZING, and they kind of tingle when they start to warm back up. And just like that, then your lymph system starts the process of detoxing those dead fat cells out of your body! Using our infrared sauna can help this process, along with dry brushing, which stimulates the lymph system.

A few additional details to know:

  • Having the possibility of 2 applicators being used at the same time is SPECIAL. A lot of facilities only have one machine, meaning to do each flank would take at least two applications. Here we can dual sculpt, which cuts your time in half! We lead busy lives – who doesn’t want to save time?!
  • Also, as is true with most realistic treatments that actually work, results are not immediate. You’ll be numb in that area for awhile (my specific scenario was 2-3 weeks of numbness). Around the 3rd week is when a lot of people start to see change.
  • This isn’t a numbers treatment – don’t look to be losing 50 pounds or anything – my weight only fluctuated by maybe a few pounds? The fit of my clothing is where I saw the biggest change, which is what I wanted!
  • Most people need 2 rounds of treatment. Full results come 3 months after the 2nd round is completed.
  • Pricing is totally customized – all bodies are different! We all need and want different things.
  • Genesis offers free consultations for this treatment! Come make a plan to look and feel your best.

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Sunscreen is for always, for a multitude of reasons. The one we face every day: the sun is responsible for 90% of the visible signs we associate with aging, such as wrinkles, pigmentation and degradation of texture. And then there's cancer. No big deal.

UVA = deep penetration = photoaging (soooo... uvA for aging)

UVB = sunburns and cancer (uvB for burns – or for BUMMER because cancer)

What about the winter? Especially in the winter! The snow nearly doubles your exposure to UV rays because of how it reflects. Also, interestingly, not to get all green, but our ozone layer, “Earth’s Sunscreen”, is thinnest in the winter (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway). AND we’re closest to the sun during the winter.

Sunscreen is even important in the car. UVB rays go through glass. The cancer rays! That should be their real name.

Even if you can’t see the sun. Wear it. Clouds filter out the sunlight, but not the UVB rays (cancer rays). Even just being on concrete (among other things, but I’ll spare you the list) makes you more vulnerable to those harmful rays. What about in the shade? Wear it. Not all shade is equal, and either way, some of those rays bounce off molecules in the air and still get to our lovely skin.

Are you starting to feel like the sun is tricky?

Sunscreen shouldn’t really be an option. Do yourself a favor... Wear it. Every two hours. Even in the car. On cloudy days. In the shade. In the winter.

Looking for an amazing non-greasy, easy to apply and reapply, protects against all types of UV rays sunscreen? We’ve got you covered at Genesis Medspa. Come by and pick up your own bottle of the #1 antiaging product out there.

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  1. "No pain, no gain" – doesn't always have to be a thing. Botox is SO not painful that less than 1% of people request numbing cream or any sort of anesthetic. Personally, I think it feels like a tiny sweat bee sting. It's easier than the dentist.
  2. Immediate gratification – everyone wants that product or service that has immediate results. Botox comes pretty close. So much faster than creams and lotions that treat wrinkles. Within about a week you will be making wrinkles no more. You're welcome.
  3. No downtime – Botox in, continue life, makeup immediately, if you like. No big deal. We will even put it on for you!
  4. It's seasonal – play your cards right and your wrinkles can be seasonal, just like your allergies. It lasts approximately 3 months. So you can put that on your calendar: Medicine for the allergies, Botox for the wrinkles.
  5. Make your money work for you – not only does Botox stop wrinkles from happening in the moment, it also prevents them from getting worse, and can literally prevent wrinkles from ever happening to you, saving you even more sadness and heartache in the future. It's like a multi-benefit medicine with virtually no side effects. Bam.
  6. Holiday pictures – get ahead of the game and get Botox well before the holidays, the sooner the better. That's when everyone makes sure to get it, just like everyone buys eggnog for Christmas and pumpkins for Halloween. It's what you do.
  7. Be polite – hide the full extent of your expressions for the weird dude that gives your kid candy without asking you first (#frownlines), those people (bless their hearts) who try so hard to buy presents you will like (but just never do - #laughlines), and just how much you truly, truly love that pie #crowsfeet. No hot dog forehead for this girl. (Really though, raise your eyebrows and look at your little hot dogs. You know I'm right. #sorry).
  8. Cost – you can totally customize your look and your own cost. Pick the wrinkle(s) you're most concerned about.
  9. Convenience – the appointment is scheduled for 15 minutes. That includes the talky talk and catching up on "how's your life?".

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VersaSpa tanning roomIt's common knowledge that tanning beds cause skin cancer – no "ifs, ands or buts" about it. Even though the rest of the world considers pale skin to be beautiful, here we all still seem to love having tan skin, myself included. I feel prettier, like my clothes match my body better. Tan skin covers any imperfections, and I can even wear less makeup (anything in life that means I can wear less makeup makes me happy). I feel like the epitome of summer when I'm tan.

A lot of the country has switched over to spray tanning, through various methods such as an individual spraying them down or a machine that does that instead. We love our VersaSpa. It NEVER looks orange. One time, I decided to try darker than I normally go, and even though it was darker than I'd planned, it still looked really pretty and not orange at all.

I love that I have the privacy of my own room, with the booth in it, and that the booth is open so I don't feel claustrophobic, or like I'm in one of those horror movies where the tanning booth could get stuck closed and I might die a long and painful death. The things we worry about!

Let's stop calling this fake tanning. This is skincare for women who want to age well.Something else I love about the VersaSpa Pro is how it makes my skin look and feel. Not only is my tan gorgeously perfect (I love putting the primer on my legs for an extra color boost there), but it's actually GOOD for my skin. The VersaSpa solution is sugar based, infusing green and brown marine algae to improve skin firmness and induce cellular rejuvenation, as well as the restructuring of the skin barrier. We include in every tan the pre-treatment moisturizer and the post-treatment skin conditioner to enhance the quality of the tan and improve the duration of it. Skin care is our game!

*BONUS MedSpa Secret: You can actually come in for ONLY the moisturizer and conditioner treatments, say for instance during the winter when you're dry and need that extra boost for better feeling and looking skin, or if you already have the perfect complexion and just want those benefits all year long.

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Pedicure roomSo this is long, but stick with me here. We have special pedicures. One acquaintance that does nails here in town made the comment that she had seen more fungus here in Missouri than anywhere else... in the country. Um. Ew. This is where our special abilities come into play.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) simulated exaggerated unsanitary pedicure conditions for seven consecutive days. Each day, they were filled with fresh water, oils, pathogenic microorganisms (there are five and I won't bore you with the long names that look like they're a foreign language, but I will tell you included were Staph and E. Coli – for serious), and a nutrient source for the microorganisms.

They circulated all of this every day for an hour before draining. They waited until day seven to clean the jets – and they were only hand cleaned, using store bought cleaner (Lysol) – rinsed the bowls, and then circulated fresh water for five minutes, and proceeded to test the water. It was still 99.9% hygienic. These jets are the first and only certified for disinfection from NSF International.

Podiatrists send their patients here to our MedSpa for their pedicures because we're so sterile, we sterilize all tools after each and every use, AND our nail technicians have actually been trained by a podiatrist as well. It's all pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

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