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Microneedling is a procedure that uses small pin pricks to cause skin wounds that then encourage your body to produce collagen and elastin. What is PRP? PRP is short for Platelet Rich Plasma. Your platelets have an abundance of growth factors which help your body heal itself after an injury. When we harvest them and concentrate them, we can use them to grow new collagen in your skin. Combining the two is a treatment designed to maximize collagen production therapy.

I compare microneedling to core aerifying your yard in the fall. When you poke holes in the dirt, the grass grows back better in the spring. Controlled injuries will affect a positive change in the skin. The procedure jump-starts your body's healing process by sending collagen and elastin to repair the injury, thus smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and helping with acne, pores, scars, stretch marks and sun damage.

Adding PRP to microneedling is like adding seed and fertilizer to the yard after aerifying it. You will get a boosted outcome. We add the PRP topically and then the device injects it into your skin. The PRP further stimulates collagen production and accelerates the healing.

So, if you want the best results from your microneedling, be sure to ask us to add PRP to your procedure. You will be amazed at the results this two-pronged treatment can give you!

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All sunscreen coverage is not equal. When choosing your sunscreen, we all want to choose a product which does the best job of protecting us. Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting information on what is best to use. There are basically two types of sunscreens: chemical and mineral. At Genesis we offer only the mineral sunscreens. Below is a comparison of the two types and our reasoning for going all mineral.

Chemical sunscreens work by binding ultraviolet radiation and upon binding the ultraviolet rays are deactivated. If you are not reapplying every two hours, you are effectively unprotected as the product has been deactivated. Chemicals are also being absorbed into your body at levels 15-20 times higher than previously believed! The FDA has issued a report recommending the discontinued use of chemical sunscreens. Lastly, chemical sunscreens do not protect you from the blue light radiation emitted from your phone, tablets, computers, TVs, etc. In my opinion, these attributes make chemical sunscreens a less than desirable option.

Mineral sunscreens contain inert zinc and titanium and will cause no harm or breakouts if the sunscreen is a pure mineral product. You can easily check this by putting it in water. Pure minerals will float, any fillers or other substances will cloud the water. Mineral sunscreens work by reflecting away the harmful radiation from the sun and devices we use. This also has a cooling effect on the skin. Theoretically, if you don’t touch your face or sweat them off, they will last until you wash them off. As an added protection we do think it is best to reapply regularly.

At Genesis, we offer only mineral sunscreen products, whether it is a stand-alone sunscreen or incorporated into our Colorescience makeup products. These sunscreens come in a variety of shades so we can help you look your best while protecting your skin!

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Have you noticed that as you get older you look more like one parent or the other? It is true that we are our parents’ children. One “genetic gift” is the stubborn fat deposits that just won’t leave. I know my dad gave me my short waist, love handles and double chin. I had these trouble spots when I weighed 115 pounds in high school! They have stayed with me despite exercise and diet and no matter what weight I was. That is until CoolSculpting arrived at Genesis.

CoolSculpting is the secret weapon in the war on fat. It is important to start with the fact that it is not a weight loss tool. It will also not get rid of the internal visceral fat, which presents as tight and barrel-like around your abdomen area. You will have to lose this type of fat the old-fashioned way.

However, for those stubborn external fat pockets, we now have an option to freeze them away. The saying is “if you can squeeze it, we can freeze it!” If this is of interest, we are happy to inform you that we have recently upgraded to the CoolSculpting Elite, the latest in fat-freezing technology. We are also fortunate to have Kimberly Hentges, a CoolSculpting University instructor, on staff to keep our providers up on the latest treatment pearls.

We know you have a choice in where you go. That is why we strive to keep the latest technology and the most advanced trained personnel at Genesis Medspa. So, if you want to say bye-bye to those love handles, food baby or man boobs, come see us today to discuss your options.

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Next time you are around a baby, look at their skin. There is a luminosity to it that most adults have lost. This is primarily due to a lack of excess melanin in their skin. As they grow and expose themselves to the sun this pigment starts to appear, but much of it is under the surface. Eventually it will start to dull the look of the skin. They may begin to see freckling as a child, but this excess pigment too will progress and turn into unwanted brown spots. So how do we regain that luminosity? Is it possible?

Esthetic treatments have advanced. There now are multiple tools to tackle unwanted pigment. You need a modality that not only attacks the surface pigment but also the pigment below. At Genesis we have multiple options to help with this.

Our medical grade peels help slough off unwanted pigment and attack the pigment below the surface, too. These peels are only available to providers in medically supervised offices. There is a variety of options for how aggressive you want to get with these peels. Downtime can vary between none and a week. These peels are done in a series and produce stunning results.

We also have machines that attack the surface and deep pigment with lasers, light with radiofrequency, or ultrasound technology. Having multiple options allows us to choose a treatment best for your skin type and concerns. All have minimal to no downtime. Again, this is best done in an initial series.

Your initial treatment or series will address the visible and minimize the underlying pigment. It took a lifetime to accumulate this pigment and once you have begun to produce it you will need to continue to keep ahead of it. You can do this by following a simple at home routine of products that suppress the creation of new pigment and continue to work on eliminating the remaining underlying pigment. Follow this with protecting your skin against the sun and blue light with the new superscreens and you will be on your way to luminous skin. We’ve got the edge on pigment reduction and winter is the time to take advantage of it. Call our office to set up a consult or ask your provider if these treatments are right for you.

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