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This month my inspiration is coming hot off a weeklong trip to the lovely Lake of the Ozarks. Genesis has not only impacted my professional life, but taking advantage of our services has also had a huge impact on my personal life. After spending the week in my swimsuit, I have to give a shout out to a few of the services that made this a bit less painful than it could have been.

First, the vein care I have received over the past 15 years has helped keep those pesky varicose veins from popping up all over. Unlike my mom and grandma, I am not embarrassed to show my legs due to a highway of veins. Yes, there are a few, but I know all too well what they would look like if I did not keep up with my treatments. Plus, my legs feel good to boot!

Second, I got rid of my menopause belly thanks to CoolSculpting. My abdomen was never the area of choice for fat to deposit when I gained weight, but menopause changed that. Two CoolSculpting treatments later my abdomen was back to its pre-menopause state and stays that way if I maintain my weight.

Finally, bioidentical hormone replacement has helped me maintain muscle mass, which helps me keep my weight in check. Of course, all of this only helps if I continue to do my part – maintaining a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise.

So, thank you Genesis for adding a boost of confidence to my vacation and giving me a hand in my journey to stay healthy and active as I age. Call us if you would like to find out how Genesis can partner on your aging journey. After all, there is no anti-aging, just aging as best as we can. The benefits, like being grandma to Charlotte, far outweigh the downside!

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Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Not! Yet that is what every perimenopausal woman is told she needs to put up with. It is a natural part of aging. Well, that may be the opinion of some, but I am here to tell another story.

I will forever be in debt to Dr. Ferris for bringing bioidentical hormone replacement to Genesis. Prior to that, those three phrases described my life. I had the privilege to attend the initial training for BioTE hormone replacement therapy and I will admit I was skeptical. While I knew he was passionate about the therapy, I had reservations about its use for me. Wasn’t this just part of the normal progression of time?

Once there, however, I decided to give it a try and I haven’t turned back. The more I have educated myself on the treatment the more I am convinced of the health benefits. Also, the sadder I am that more people aren’t given the information and treatment options available. There are a lot of misconceptions around hormone usage, and because of this people are missing out on relief from symptoms that are affecting their quality of life. But don’t take my word for it. Set up your own visit with Dr. Ferris or Stephanie Pitts, NP and find out about how bioidentical hormone replacement could improve your menopause experience. What do you have to lose...hot flashes, brain fog and sleepless nights.

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This June aging is more on my mind than normal. My birthday is in June and this June will mark my 59th year around the sun. For some it is the 5 and 10 years that get them, but for me it is the nines. Forty-nine was way harder than 50. Forty-nine was about endings, 50 beginnings, or at least that is how it seemed to me. This year as I turn 59 I am feeling a bit the same.

I have really enjoyed the 50s. Yes, there are some downsides to getting older. My knees are no longer my friend. I got tired of covering my roots and have embraced my grey hair for both the good and bad of that. I have experienced many other small changes that I’ve just learned to live with and adapt to.

There are also many positives: grandkids and the fun that brings, cutting back at work and letting the next generation take the lead, new amounts of free time, more time to spend with my husband now that the kids aren’t taking up as much time (most of the time that is a positive!), and the confidence and clarity that only experience can bring.

So, what Genesis message do I have from all that? I guess my best Genesis advice is find your 49, or 59 or whatever age it is. There are so many options in our world as to how that looks. Figure out yours and that doesn’t have to look like anyone else. There are so many esthetic, health and wellness opportunities. So many ways to grow and learn in our world. Explore and define your aging plan. Let’s face it, there is no anti-aging. My grandma always said she was going to celebrate every birthday because she wasn’t ready for the alternative.

We will all age if we are lucky. Embrace it and enjoy the stage you’re in. I and all of our staff thank you for letting us be part of your journey. The relationships we make with you and each other are the best part of what we do. Happy June!

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The 2022 dates for spring are March 20th through June 21st. I don’t know about you but I feel like Missouri goes straight from winter to summer. Barely a spring in sight. We have hardly stopped wearing our winter jackets and it is already 90! It is a rare day that you get that perfect sunny day with a pleasant temperature. When it happens, it is amazing, but unfortunately those type of days are few and far between. I guess that is why our Sunsational celebration hits at the perfect time. It is sunny and yes, hot. Time to tweak your makeup and product plan for the new hotter weather and make sure you are stocked up on extra sun protection products. It is also time to think about getting ready to bare the body, and any treatments you may want to add to boost your confidence in that department.

This year our Sunsational theme is a Secret Garden theme. Of course we always love an excuse to dress up, but on top of that we love sharing all of our product and service secrets to help you all look and feel your best this summer. This year we will also have information on our wellness offerings to help you feel your best and get out and enjoy yourself as things warm up. We hope you will take time out of your day to stop by, have a snack and visit with us! We love catching up with each and every one of you. Let's make this May the most Sunsational yet!

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Everyone has a smidge of Irish in them in March. But for me this is always a time to think fondly of my Irish heritage and how a large part of my family left troubling situations in their homeland and came to this country with a dream of a better life. As time marches on I can see the struggles that had to be overcome, the successes and failures that happened along the way, and how my family lineage has changed over time. Each generation picks up these successes and failures and builds upon them in their own way. Like all good Irish I love a good story, and to me these family journeys are what make the best of stories.

Our bodies also tell a historical story. Each of our parents leave a genetic thumbprint on us and their parents left one on them. Just like our family histories, we cannot erase these thumbprints. We must pick up both the good and the bad and write our own story. There are parts we will not be able to take out, but we can edit how they are told.

For example, I inherited red hair and green eyes from the Irish side of my family. I also inherited fair skin, which makes me more susceptible to sun damage and skin cancer. I can embrace these physical traits but work towards not succumbing to the negative side by practicing proper sun protection. I cannot change the fact that I cannot stay in the sun and not burn like my Indian husband. I can however limit my risks. This is just one example of the many ways our genetics starts a story and how we then can influence how it is told. I hope you will enjoy our other blog post later this month on how genetics effects our health and wellness.

Take some time this March to celebrate your family heritage and make your wellness plan for staying on top of your genetic risks.

May the Luck of the Irish be with you all!

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I am writing this as we are home a few extra days due to the lovely snow we are getting. The extra time gave me the opportunity to do a bit more caretaking of the home and family, but also a little extra time for me, too! When we think of February, we think Valentine's Day and showing those we love how much we care. It is probably good to also remember we can’t pour from an empty cup.

We need to leave room in our day/week/year for the things that keep us going! I know for me my morning runs and yoga classes are essential. Less than 4 of those a week and I am getting cranky. I also need my morning prayer and journal time, thus my early pre-dawn wakeup habit. One or two vacation trips a year are also key to my sanity.

What is it that you need? Are you giving yourself permission to take that time? Maybe as you are thinking about Valentine's plans for others, put in a few self-love plans for yourself. You're worth it!

At Genesis we also offer a few ways you can show yourself some love, too. Be sure to check out our February promotions and blog posts, including:

  • Our treatments to spice up your love life. Yes, yours not theirs!
  • A pampering Cherry Chocolate facial.
  • Loving your legs again!

I hope you and yours stay warm and enjoy this loving season! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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