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Normally, my newsletter this month would have a back-to-school flair, but this year I don’t even know what that would be. Are your kids back at school? Will they stay there? Or are things as normal with some minor tweaks? As my quote says, I think for the near future we should just count on the fact that the new normal is that there really is not one.

So, what does that mean for all of us? For me I think it means we must be more adaptable, ready to make changes on the fly and not get too settled or count too much on routine. Probably all good traits to have, but it certainly can be stress inducing.

What we can do, however, is control our own personal habits. This gives us the best chance of navigating all the stressors we currently face. Check out our promotions this month. They are designed to enhance your health and well-being and give you the extra energy you need to face the challenges of the day. Or join our wellness challenge and get some extra motivation. Who knows, maybe you’ll feel a little of the excitement you used to feel during your own back-to-school days.

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Happy September!

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We are living in a new world for sure. If someone had told me a few months ago that our business would be shut down for over a month, and I would be basically homebound when not in the office, I would have thought they were crazy. Never in a million years could I even imagine a scenario like we have today. At first, I tried to plan and anticipate what was coming next, but I figured out really quickly that that was not productive. As soon as I made my plan something changed, and it had to be reworked. Hence the number of cross-outs on when we will reopen.

I have learned quite a few things in these past few weeks about myself, our business, and what is important and what isn’t. I also have thought a lot about things I like and miss about my pre-COVID-19 life and things I don’t want to go back to. For this week’s "Touch In on Tuesday" I will focus on one of these lessons:

Things work best when you go with the flow, take the day as it comes and adapt!! Not that plans are unnecessary, but you need to be more fluid. Let them loosely frame your life and be open to the way things show up on the day to day!

So, from a Genesis Medspa perspective, I would encourage you all to evaluate what you do at home. Maybe spend some time reflecting on how you take care of yourself. Do you have good lifestyle habits? Would now be a time to try and integrate them into your routine? Exercise, healthy eating, and a good self-care routine could be established, and then you could start thinking about how you can keep it going once this is over. What can you take out of your routine to have the ability to add these things in?

For example, in Brandi's new blog post, you can learn how to do a good home exfoliation.

Take care until we can see you again!

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Valentine’s Day is over and hopefully you had a chance to celebrate the people you love in your life. Maybe a few of you might have even received a gift card to spend a little time showing some love to yourself! When I was exploring what I wanted to share this month, my thoughts went to what does all this talk of self-love mean anyway??

If you’re like most women you probably spend your love in service to your kids, parents, spouse, friends and co-workers. We are great at dishing it out! But how many of us would confidently stand up and say I love myself??? We are so quick to point out our flaws or where we fall short. What is the commentary that you give to yourself?

Being in the aesthetic industry can raise that bar even higher if you let it. So, this Valentine month I want to remind all of us that beauty starts on the inside. It starts with how we live our life, not what we look like doing it. We love what we do here. There are so many tips, tricks and treatments that can help you look great, but the real beauty is the canvas they go on. Nothing we do will make you more beautiful than the soul you already are.

So, think of what we do as the cherry on top. You bring us your unique beauty and we will help remind you how special you really are! Because after all the opposite of love isn’t hate, it's indifference. Show yourself some love: let your self-talk be positive, notice your gifts, celebrate your talents, and treat yourself once in a while whether it is nails, a new purse, or a HydraFacial. Find the things that bring you joy and remember we think you're perfect just the way you are!

P.S. We do have a few non-negotiables, however, like WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!

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September is National Healthy Aging Month, so I was searching for the perfect way to express what that means to me. What does aging really mean to me? And how does that match up with being healthy? I looked through quotes and saw many on how we should feel, what we should think about it, and what our changing looks mean or don’t mean. Lots of good topics, but then I saw the quote above. I thought it is so simple that it is kind of profound. So, here are my ramblings for this month.

Today is the oldest I have ever been. Does that make me old? To my kids kind of, to my granddaughter absolutely, to my dad absolutely not. But what about me? How do I feel? In all honesty, not so bad. I am enjoying my 50s and I have been lucky to work in an industry that stresses the importance of making healthy choices. Not a day goes by that I don’t see an article or get info on the latest tips for looking and feeling our best. Healthy aging has almost become an obsession in our day.

But today I am one day older, and if I can continue to wake up each day and be mindful of the small things I need to do, like eat healthy, get physical activity, brush my teeth, take care of my skin and hygiene, minimize my stress, keep myself social and at the end of the day get enough rest (I could go on and on), then maybe this aging thing won’t be so bad. I know it is going to get harder – I have had a front row seat to viewing that as caretaker for my parent – but I hope to continue to embrace it while doing what I can to keep myself as active and happy as I can.

So on the flip side I am the youngest I’ll ever be again, so I better enjoy it. I wish I could go back to my 20-year-old self and tell her to stand tall and confident. To not stress about wearing a swimsuit because she had almost invisible cellulite and to appreciate that this is probably as good as it will ever be! Or my thirty-year-old self and tell her to snuggle up with those babies and ignore the changes that pregnancy made and the circles that sleepless nights gave. There are blessings and joys to this age that slip by so fast. Or my 40s me and tell her to not fret that she can’t run a marathon by 40 like she had on her bucket list, that there would come a day when she would be thankful that she enjoyed running and could do it at all.

So, what will the future me look back and want to tell me today?

Maybe we should all stop and ask ourselves that question. Will she or he be happy with how we are caring for ourselves mentally and physically? Thank us for giving it the best shot possible to feel our best? What will she chastise us for not appreciating? I most certainly don’t know the answers, but I am going to continue to try and find them and surround myself with positive mentors and role models to push me along. So this September, look at your habits and lifestyle and vow to do your best to age as healthy as you can. We would be honored to play any small part in that we can.

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I am truly enjoying the transformation into spring this year. After our long dreary winter, the blooming trees and flowers are a welcome sight. But none of this happens without work... the work of nature, in many cases with human assistance.

It's the same with our skin. Unless we hydrate and protect it from damage, we are not going to have a magnificent complexion. Hormones and diet can also wreak havoc. Thankfully we live in a time of neverending research and development in the area of aging skin.

Maturing women and men have been taking better care of their bodies, and want their looks to reflect how they feel. I know being in my fifties doesn’t feel the way I thought it would. I still, for the most part, feel as young as I did in my thirties, hopefully just a little wiser.

The good news is there are now so many options to help maintain a great complexion and healthy-looking skin. There is no one answer, so enlisting the help of professionals will help you choose the right treatments and products for the results you desire. Whether it is pigment removal, redness relief, wrinkle reduction, or addressing laxity and loss of volume – there are options.

I have a brown thumb, so my yard and garden would not be what they are today without the help of the professionals I use. They help me choose plants that will work in my setting and help with the maintenance needed to keep things looking beautiful. I would definitely not have the time or ability to have the yard I have without them. That is what we would like to be for your skin. Let us help you take the guesswork out of skin care and offer you the services you can only receive from medically-based clinicians. This spring let your beauty bloom! We would be honored to help in the transformation.

P.S. A shout-out to Longfellow’s for your garden help!!

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It is human nature to look at desirable traits or successes in others and think how lucky they are. Often, however, that luck is in large part due to hard work or careful planning. I think great skin falls into this category. We see someone with a stunning complexion and wish for it, either thinking they drew the lucky genetic card or that it just isn’t possible for us.

Modern esthetic medicine takes the luck out of great skin. Even if you are a pigmented mess there is hope. Our esthetic staff is trained and ready to help you banish the browns and smooth away wrinkles. The technological advances in both treatment options and homecare allow us to erase much of the sins of the past. Once your skin is glowing, we can help you maintain your results and prevent future damage.

I am a prime example of this. My family is of Irish German descent and we all have the tendency to get huge brown spots as we age. In my thirties and early forties that mostly showed up as dull dusky skin, with a peppering of pigment. I did not do myself any favors with my excessive sun exposure and tanning in my younger days.

Luckily, I had a Triniti skin series 11 years ago and haven’t turned back. That initial series brought huge improvements in my skin and I have worked to maintain those results over the past 11 years. I have an annual Triniti maintenance and keep up with my homecare routine. Occasionally I will add in an extra peel. I also am a daily sunscreen user and do my best to protect my skin in the summer.

I will forever need to keep at keeping that long-ago sun damage at bay, but I don’t need luck! I have the tools to do it: the products, services, and staff at Genesis Medspa! They are my lucky charm! And you’re in luck – they can be yours, too. Contact us to schedule your Visia Analysis today!

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