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Embrace Your Beauty

Welcome to the first blog post for our new business, with our new name, The Genesis Company. Dr. Prasad and I are excited to embark on this journey, and look forward to continuing to bring our community quality vein care at the Genesis Laser & Vein Center and medical esthetic, spa and wellness services at the Genesis Medspa. This year there is a lot that is new for us, but also a lot has not changed. We are still the same people, offering services at the same location, with the same service and care you have come to expect.

The new name of my blog is Beholding Beauty. You can follow this and other blogs on our website, our newsletter, or watch for them on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. I hope you will choose to follow mine! It was difficult to choose the new blog name, so I thought, for my first blog post, I would share how I decided upon this name, Beholding Beauty.

I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed to try to find a way to name a blog with my lofty goals. I want this blog to share our passion for what we do, give you insight into our philosophy, and an idea of who we are as a company, plus keep you up to date on what is going on in our industry and maybe add a bit of inspiration along the way. Whew! How can I name that? What we do alone spans a pretty broad spectrum from services that improve your health and enhance wellness, to services that improve the way you look and feel. Is there a way to embody all that!? But I did finally settle upon the name.

So why Beholding Beauty? Well to me, beauty defines it all. Beauty is seeing a grandma get to enjoy time running around with the grandkids again or gardening after missing out on those joys due to painful legs or lack of energy; beauty is watching a high performing athlete master their skills; beauty is seeing a couple get to renew the intimacy in their relationship; beauty is helping people get rid of the things that keep them hidden and embarrassed; and beauty is seeing someone appreciate the beauty that is unique to them. We not only get to see this beauty on a daily basis, but get to help enhance it in people's lives every day. That is why we are so passionate about what we do and why it is so rewarding.

So I will use this forum to behold a bit of the beauty that crosses our door every day! I hope you will enjoy the journey and take a bit of time this January to behold all the beauty that graces your world, too!

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