Embrace Your Beauty

Next time you are around a baby, look at their skin. There is a luminosity to it that most adults have lost. This is primarily due to a lack of excess melanin in their skin. As they grow and expose themselves to the sun this pigment starts to appear, but much of it is under the surface. Eventually it will start to dull the look of the skin. They may begin to see freckling as a child, but this excess pigment too will progress and turn into unwanted brown spots. So how do we regain that luminosity? Is it possible?

Esthetic treatments have advanced. There now are multiple tools to tackle unwanted pigment. You need a modality that not only attacks the surface pigment but also the pigment below. At Genesis we have multiple options to help with this.

Our medical grade peels help slough off unwanted pigment and attack the pigment below the surface, too. These peels are only available to providers in medically supervised offices. There is a variety of options for how aggressive you want to get with these peels. Downtime can vary between none and a week. These peels are done in a series and produce stunning results.

We also have machines that attack the surface and deep pigment with lasers, light with radiofrequency, or ultrasound technology. Having multiple options allows us to choose a treatment best for your skin type and concerns. All have minimal to no downtime. Again, this is best done in an initial series.

Your initial treatment or series will address the visible and minimize the underlying pigment. It took a lifetime to accumulate this pigment and once you have begun to produce it you will need to continue to keep ahead of it. You can do this by following a simple at home routine of products that suppress the creation of new pigment and continue to work on eliminating the remaining underlying pigment. Follow this with protecting your skin against the sun and blue light with the new superscreens and you will be on your way to luminous skin. We’ve got the edge on pigment reduction and winter is the time to take advantage of it. Call our office to set up a consult or ask your provider if these treatments are right for you.

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