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Embrace Your Beauty

  1. "No pain, no gain" – doesn't always have to be a thing. Botox is SO not painful that less than 1% of people request numbing cream or any sort of anesthetic. Personally, I think it feels like a tiny sweat bee sting. It's easier than the dentist.
  2. Immediate gratification – everyone wants that product or service that has immediate results. Botox comes pretty close. So much faster than creams and lotions that treat wrinkles. Within about a week you will be making wrinkles no more. You're welcome.
  3. No downtime – Botox in, continue life, makeup immediately, if you like. No big deal. We will even put it on for you!
  4. It's seasonal – play your cards right and your wrinkles can be seasonal, just like your allergies. It lasts approximately 3 months. So you can put that on your calendar: Medicine for the allergies, Botox for the wrinkles.
  5. Make your money work for you – not only does Botox stop wrinkles from happening in the moment, it also prevents them from getting worse, and can literally prevent wrinkles from ever happening to you, saving you even more sadness and heartache in the future. It's like a multi-benefit medicine with virtually no side effects. Bam.
  6. Holiday pictures – get ahead of the game and get Botox well before the holidays, the sooner the better. That's when everyone makes sure to get it, just like everyone buys eggnog for Christmas and pumpkins for Halloween. It's what you do.
  7. Be polite – hide the full extent of your expressions for the weird dude that gives your kid candy without asking you first (#frownlines), those people (bless their hearts) who try so hard to buy presents you will like (but just never do - #laughlines), and just how much you truly, truly love that pie #crowsfeet. No hot dog forehead for this girl. (Really though, raise your eyebrows and look at your little hot dogs. You know I'm right. #sorry).
  8. Cost – you can totally customize your look and your own cost. Pick the wrinkle(s) you're most concerned about.
  9. Convenience – the appointment is scheduled for 15 minutes. That includes the talky talk and catching up on "how's your life?".

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